The Truth Behind The Viral Emily Noel Drill Bit Bullet Post

A viral post shows Emily Noel claiming drill bits are assault rifle bullets that she found at a gas station

  • The post first surfaced and went viral on social media in 2015

  • In 2015 Petty Crocker was also the name that appeared to make the post

  • A girl named Emily Noel has been receiving hateful messages on her Facebook for the last three years over the post

In the midst of social media going crazy over gun control issues a post that is being pushed hard by the right alleges that a girl named Emily Noel found drill bits at a gas station, but believed they were assault rifle bullets.

The post by Emily Noel shows four drill bits and has the caption, “Was at the gas station and found these on the ground so I took them home. did some researchand found out they’re from an automatic assault rifle. Really?! People make me sick. How are you just gonna let these kinds of things lie around Smdh!”

The post is a wet dream for those on the pro-gun side. The post has gone viral with the help of several social media pages. There is only one problem with the viral image. It appears to be total bullshit!

On Facebook, a profile by the name Emily Noel has been catching the blame for the post for going on three years. On Tuesday, Noel posted some of the messages she has received along with the following caption.

Shout out to all of the random, ignorant individuals out there that choose to spend their free time trolling the internet and bullying people. Several of you have already heard my story about the “bullet/drill bit” post that went viral on Facebook almost 3 years ago – posted by another Emily Noel – who I am now getting 100s of messages on behalf of (to this day, damn!! Super viral!) because I’m being mistaken for her online. It never ceases to amaze me how cruel people can be when they feel safe hiding behind virtual walls. I’m particularly amused by Robert the Chihuahua here, who wrote to let me know that I’m a “Dumasscrat”… good lord.

Along with the post being three years old, it has also appeared under names besides Emil Noel. An article from Mad World News on October 14, 2015, titled “Liberal’s Post About ‘Automatic Assult Rifle Bullets’ Goes Viral, Just ONE Issue” identifies the person behind the post as a Petty Crocker.

The post has made several appearances over the year, but at the end of the day appears to be a troll from three years ago that just won’t go away. Given the current situation around the country with gun control, this will most likely be the most viral it has ever went.



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