Sources Say Emily Glass Found Dead From A Gunshot Wound

Sources say Emily Glass is dead as a result from a gunshot wound

  • Wichita Police Department were not able to confirm the identity of the deceased woman inside the residence

  • A spokesperson for WPD did confirm that Lucas Hernandez’s father made the call to 911 at 1:38 am

  • Glass’ father was on the scene of the shooting

  • The woman’s body was discovered inside the same residence 5-year-old Lucas Hernandez went missing from in February

Early Friday morning 911 dispatch in Wichita, Kansas received a call of a shooting involving an adult female at 655 S Edgemoor, the same address 5-year-old Lucas Hernandez went missing from in February of this year.

Lucas’ father, Jonathan Hernandez made the call at 1:38 am claiming that an adult woman had shot herself inside the residence. When officers arrived on the scene, the woman was pronounced deceased. The woman was not transported to the hospital.

Wichita Police Department Lieutenant Rick Moscicki confirmed that a female was deceased inside the residence. Moscicki did not state if officers were treating the shooting as a suicide or a homicide and were not able to confirm the identity of the female inside the residence. It was confirmed that Hernandez was on the scene and speaking to investigators.

Sources close to the Glass family confirmed that Hernandez’s girlfriend Emily Glass was the deceased female inside the residence. The same sources claim Glass did not commit suicide and suggested her death was the result of foul play. Glass’ father was on the scene.

Witnesses claim to have seen Hernandez in handcuffs placed into the back of a police SUV. No further updates were given, and at this time it is unknown if police are treating the investigation as a homicide, or if Hernandez is considered a suspect.

Roughly two weeks ago, Glass lead David Marshburn—a private investigator from North Carolina—to Lucas’ body. The young boy’s body was found under a bridge in Harvey County, Kansas, just North of Wichita.

In an interview with Nancy Grace, Marshburn played recordings of his interview with Glass. Glass stated to Marshburn, “I did Lucas so wrong. I did him so wrong.”

Hours after Lucas’ body was found, Glass was booked into jail for interfering with an investigation. Glass was later released from jail. An autopsy was performed on the boy’s body, but a second autopsy was requested. Sedgwick County District Attorney Marc Bennett was not able to file charges related to Lucas’ death before Glass’ death, most likely due to a lack of cause of death.



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