Emily Glass Possibly Leads Private Investigator To Body Of Lucas Hernandez

On Thursday Emily Glass reportedly led private investigator David Marshburn to the body of 5-year-old Lucas Hernandez

  • The body of a small person was found under a bridge in Harvey county on Thursday evening

  • Officials said the body was too decomposed to be identified on the scene

  • Police did confirm that the body was found during a search related to Lucas Hernandez

On February 17, 2018, Emily Glass reported 5-year-old Lucas Hernandez as missing. Over three months later, it is believed the child’s body has been found just outside of Wichita by a private investigator from North Carolina.

David Marshburn, a bail bondsman, bounty hunter and private investigator, announced he was taking the case not even one week ago. Marshburn told KWCH that Kelli Bordeaux was the first missing person case he took on and managed to solve.

I started doing my PI cases, missing person cases. And the very first one I did was Kelli Bordeaux. And it it was a national missing person case. It was a Ft. Bragg soldier who went missing and wound up working on that case. It was my very first case ever and wound up finding her and getting the killer and basically closing the case for the family.

Marshburn was called by Hernandez’s grandmother, who asked if he would be interested in attemping to help find the missing child. Before taking the case, Marshburn said it was a 70% chance he could find Hernandez.

At 7:27 pm, officials verified that the body of a “small person” had been found underneath a bridge in Harvey County. While it is not confirmed that the body is Hernandez, it was confirmed that the body was found in a search related to the Lucas Hernandez case.

Officials were not able to confirm that Mashburn brought authorities to the body, but did say that is what he had been told. Mashburn allegedly found the body with information he received from Glass. The Harvey County Sheriff’s Department was not able to confirm if Glass was on the scene or if an arrest had been made.



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