Elizabeth James Charged For Starving Her Ex-Boyfriend’s Dog “Champ”

Elizabeth Lena James has been charged with animal cruelty for starving a 16-month-old Mastiff puppy named Champ

  • A good Samaritan saw a severely emaciated Champ tied to a pole in James’ backyard

  • James said she fed her other dogs but not Champ because he “was not her dog”

  • Champ was covered in maggots and weighed only 50 pounds when he was rescued

  • Since his rescue Champ has undergone two blood transfusions

  • Justice for Champ has been documenting the Mastiff’s long road to recovery

In Laurens, South Carolina, Elizabeth Lena James faces charges of animal cruelty for starving her ex-boyfriend’s 16-month old Mastiff “Champ” after the couple broke up.

Images of a severely emaciated Champ began surfacing this week after a good Samaritan called animal control after seeing Champ tied to a pole and left to die. Rescue Dogs Rock NYC stepped in and began doing what they could to save Champ’s life.

When the rescue received Champ, he weighed only 50 pounds. Less than half of the 110 pounds he should have been. Champ was covered in maggots, even in his mouth. His gums were extremely pale, a sign of anemia and rescuers were not sure if Champ was going to live.

So what exactly caused someone to leave Champ to die a such a terrible death? A breakup. James’ ex-boyfriend left Champ after they broke up. Despite feeding her other dogs, James refused to feed Champ because he “was not her dog.” James is charged with animal cruelty. Her court date is set for October 19.

His heartbreaking story is that he is the victim of a breakup. The boyfriend apparently left him at the ex-girlfriend’s house and since he “was not her dog” she fed her dogs but not Champ.

Unbeknownst to him, since being shared on social media Champ has grown quite the group of supporters. The Facebook page Justice for Champ has over 22,000 likes in the few days it has been active. The page has been keeping up with Champ’s rehabilitation.

A video posted to the page on Friday shows Champ getting the maggots washed off as he lays and drinks water from a nearby bowl. The caption reads, “Champ getting the maggots cleaned off at first vet Tuesday night right after he was taken from the home in Laurens, SC 😡.”

By Friday night, Champ was able to hold his head up and was eating homemade chicken. Champ received a blood transfusion to save his life earlier in the week. In a picture, Champ is seen wearing three band-aids after the veins in his front legs had blown, forcing an IV to be put into his back leg.

Champ wishes everyone a happy Friday & thanks everyone for their prayers & support! He is able to hold his head up & is enjoying some homemade chicken. He has 3 bandaids as the veins in his front legs have blown, so the IV is now in his back leg. His blood #’s are being closely monitored to see if he will require another transfusion. He is eating small meals every few hours.

He’s happy that the person (Elizabeth Lena James) who left him tied in the yard to die & watched him shrivel up into a skeleton, suffering day after day has been arrested! We all know his time was up. If he hadn’t been found & taken to a vet Tuesday night, Champ would be dead. He is thankful to the neighbor who stopped & called Animal Control. He is thankful to Animal Control for their quick response. He is thankful to the media for getting his story out there. He is thankful to the Laurens County Sheriff who said “not on my watch”. He is thankful to all of you for sharing & donating & demanding action!

Champ is alive because of a string of events that led to him getting the urgent life-saving medical care he so desperately needed! He has the best people caring for him around the clock & that’s why he is still here with us!


Another video on Friday shows Champ enjoying some homemade chicken one of the vet techs prepared for him.

Champ will not eat dog food, but did eat boiled chicken which he loves! One of the vet techs cooks for him. Scrambled eggs are up for breakfast so we hope he will eat them! 💙💎💪🏻

On Saturday morning, three images showed Champ as he was eating breakfast, which consisted of scrambled eggs. The post says Champ was not able to stand at that point.

Yum, I really enjoyed my breakfast! I’m feeling a little bit better & I know these nice people are helping me. I can’t stand or walk yet, but baby steps. I am grateful for all the love & support! 💙💎💪🏻

Love, Champ

Later on Saturday, Champ’s condition got worse when his packed cell volume (PVC) dropped to a 12 after he had been holding around 20. PVC “is the percentage of red blood cells in circulating blood. A decreased PCV generally means red blood cell loss from any variety of reasons like cell destruction, blood loss, and failure of bone marrow production.”

On Sunday it was announced the transfusion was a success. His PCV was back to 20 and Champ was eating and managed to stand up briefly. His weight on Sunday had already gone up to 61 pounds.

In less than 48 hours, we are over 15,000 strong for Champ! Truly an amazing show of support! 💙💎💪🏻🐾

Last night’s blood transfusion brought his pcv up to 20!!! 🎉 It is being checked every 4 hours to see if another transfusion is needed. The vet says Champ is eating chicken & he’s also eating canned AD!!! And the most amazing news of all is that he stood this morning, very briefly, and that he is now up to 61 pounds!!!! His magnesium is low, so they are monitoring that.

All in all, we are thrilled with this mornings report after yesterday afternoons scare.

We know Champ can feel all the love & support, so please keep it coming!! 🙏


While Champ is not out of the woods and still has a hard road in front of him, on Monday a video showed him standing with a little assistance.

If you would like to donate to Champ’s recovery you can either click here, or send donations to the following address.

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC
PO Box 101
NY, NY 10028



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