El Cajon officers shoot man after sister calls for help.

El Cajon officers shoot man who was not following officer demands.

  • Police responded to a call about a man acting erratically.

  • Upon arriving at the scene, police say the man refused to follow orders.

  • The shooting was captured on video by a witnesses cell phone.

  • Police say witnesses voluntarily handed over their cell phones, but witnesses claim that was not the case.

El Cajon officers responded to the scene of a man who was reportedly acting irrationally. Police opened fire on the man in an East County strip mall Tuesday afternoon. Witnesses claim the man was having a seizure and unarmed.

Officers received a call of a man behaving erratically on the 800 block of Broadway in El Cajon about 2:30 pm. When officers came in contact with the man they claim that the he failed to follow officers demands.

Officers fired at least five shots.

The confrontation ended with officers firing multiple shots, according to Lt. Rob Ransweiler. Witnesses to the shooting claim to have heard at least five shots.

A witness told 10News that the man was not disobeying orders, he was having a seizure. Another witness said the man was clearly unarmed. Another witness claimed that the man was holding a vaping device. As of now, El Cajon police have yet to confirm any of these witness accounts.

The El Cajon police force is in the process of beginning their body cam program, but at the time of the shooting, there were not body cameras recording the incident.

At a news conference Tuesday afternoon, police reassured the community that there would be a thorough investigation into the shooting to see if the officers were at fault. At this time officers claimed they could not release too much information due to the investigation.

Witnesses claim officers took phones at the scene.

El Cajon wanted to make it clear that a witness to the shooting voluntarily handed their phone over to officers. However, witnesses claimed to NBC 7 that officers took witnesses phones. At least one phone does have a video of the shooting.

A video recorded on Facebook live shows the aftermath of the shooting. A woman identified as the victim’s sister cries to the police, “I called you to help me but you killed my brother.”

The sister claimed she was trying to get her brother to follow orders from officers. The victim was said to have his hands at his side and was not showing them to officers. Police claim the video of the shooting captured on a cell phone will be released at some point.

The man was taken to Sharp Memorial Hospital but his condition is unknown at this time.



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