Drones are leading the way in monitoring construction of Dakota Access in Standing Rock

A drone in Standing Rock managed to give a first look at the burial ground in Standing Rock

  • The FAA lifted flight ban in North Dakota, allowing drone pilots to get a first glimpse at the sacred burial ground

  • Police barricades have prevented water protectors from seeing progress of construction on the Dakota Access

  • Construction of the pipeline is said to be going on at all hours of the day

Police barricades still block access to the sacred burial grounds that are being destroyed at this moment by Dakota Access. However, the barricades are no longer preventing people from seeing the development of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Drones have become a unique and popular tool for water protectors to keep an eye on the construction of the Dakota Access. These drones also allow people to gain a clear understanding of just how many members of law enforcement are waiting to descend upon those standing against the Dakota Access.

Dr0ne2bwild gives us a glimpse at the pipeline

At the center of the drone footage is Dean Dedman Jr from Dr0ne2bwild Photography & Video. Recently the FAA lifted the no-fly zone, which gave Dedman a chance to get a first look at how much damage the pipeline has done to the land.

It seems that Dakota Access has taken full advantage of the police barricades and working on the pipeline around the clock to get it done as quick as possible.

In the past, water protectors have been able to stall construction with an array of different gorilla tactics, including chaining themselves to construction equipment. Now that the police barricades are in place the water protectors cannot get to the construction area to do any demonstrations.

This is where Dedman comes in with his drone. While it is not stopping construction, people can see that Dakota Access is moving forward at fast as they can with little regards for anything but the pipeline.

Drone pilots areĀ a needed media in Standing Rock

Being a drone pilot in Standing Rock is not an easy task. Dedman had his drone shot by law enforcement, which destroyed his landing gear. Police have also been trying to charge drone pilots as well, making it a risk for these drone operators to try and show the world footage of what exactly is happening.

Dedman has been receiving support for his cause, and now has a Go Fund Me where you can help keep the drone warrior filming in Standing Rock.

As winter approaches, Dedman is going to need winter gear. Along with winter gear, Dedman also needs software and equipment to ensure that he is bringing his followers the best footage he possibly can. The Go Fund Me has a goal of $15,000 and so far has raised just over $2,000. If Dedman can raise funds, he plans on staying and shooting footage throughout the harsh winter months that are quickly approaching.

Mainstream media has blatantly done everything they can to avoid touching the issues in Standing Rock. Alternative media has found a home in Standing Rock, but these drone pilots may play the most significant role in regards to keeping people informed on the progress of the pipeline.



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