Dover High School Students Sing ‘Let’s Kill All The Blacks’ For Assignment

Dover High School students caught on camera singing racist Ku Klux Klan remake of Jingle Bells for a history assignment

  • Two 11-graders chose to do a history assignment to the tune of ‘Jingle Bells’ but replaced to words to “kill all the blacks”

  • The students were secretly recorded singing

  • Teacher John Carver allowed the students to finish singing their assignment

  • Dover Superintendent William Harbron has spoke out against the students song, but Principal Peter Driscoll supports it

In a city with a population of around 30,000 with ninety percent of the city being white, one school is in hot water.

In New Hampshire, an 11th-grade history teacher for Dover High School has been placed on paid administrative leave this week during an investigation into what the teacher allowed to take place in his classroom.

Video has surfaced of two students singing a carol promoting the Ku Klux Klan and killing black people. The instructions for the assignment was for students to create a Christmas carol using events from the Reconstructive era.

District superintendent, William Harbron, took quick action and put out a letter to the schools Facebook stating that it was working with students and educators on investigating what occurred. In the letter the superintendent called the incident an “incident of extreme racial insensitivity.”

According to the NYTimes:

“A student interviewed, Chloe Harris, 16, said the lyrics to the song were distributed to the class before the song’s performance. She said she began recording video footage on her phone of the two students singing the song, because she found the assignment and the lyrics upsetting.

“I wasn’t really comfortable, and there was a better way he could teach it,” Ms. Harris said in an interview, adding that she told the teacher the same thing. “He did not listen. He told me to call my lawyer if I was upset about it.””

As laughter could be heard throughout the video from fellow students, the two could be heard singing, “K.K.K., let’s kill all the blacks, burn a cross on their front yard.”

Though students were advised before the presentations not to record Harris asked her teacher and the two students if they minded her recording. The teacher advised her that she couldn’t but the students gave her permission.

The students passed out the words to the song they created before singing.

Due to other students making racial slurs in the past, Harris wanted to record the song for evidence.

Harris then proceeded to upload the video to Snapchat and decided to leave the class out of anger. She walked around the school campus for the remaining 20 minutes of class.

“I want people to realize this happens at our school,” Harris stated, according to NYTimes.

The teacher, John Carver, has since been put on leave. Carver has been a teacher at the school for more than two decades and once was a student there as well.

As a cautionary, the school has added a second police officer to the school to make sure the students safety and well-being were taken care of.

According to Fosters:

“One unidentified student who sang the KKK song told WMUR Monday night, “It was not our intention to offend anyone. We were simply trying to make a factual reference to the KKK and their history.” He added, “We were just trying to bring to light the terrible history of the KKK and about what they did to people throughout all of history.”

The students arrived to class this Tuesday and had a substitute teacher, who gave out the classes planned test.

President of the Dover Teacher’s Union, Lisa Dillingham, also made a statement:

We understand the seriousness of the incident at hand and are working with the district and superintendent in their investigation to determine the facts associated with this case. We will be making sure the processes and procedures used in any investigation related to this case are properly followed to be certain all parties involved are heard, all the relevant facts obtained, and that any outcome protects the learning process and the rights of everyone involved. It has always been the priority of Dover educators to provide a safe and respectful learning environment for students of all backgrounds.

As of writing this, the students have not been disciplined and the teacher is still on paid leave.



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