Questions linger after double suicide at the Turtle Bay Resort.

Despite questions, shooting at Turtle Bay Resort is being investigated as a double suicide.

  • On Friday, September 30, police in Kahuku claim to have witnessed 44-year-old Shane Francisco and 17-year-old Tiana Pascual-Dias dead from a double suicide.

  • Francisco and Pascual-Dias had an abusive relationship stemming back to August of 2013.

  • A witness claims that Pascual-Dias was trying to get away from Francisco the night of the shooting.

  • Pascual-Dias’ mother paced a restraining order against Francisco in 2015.

On September 25, 2016, Honolulu police issued a missing person alert for 44-year-old Shane Francisco. Francisco was said to be last seen at 11 p.m. in Mililani. He reportedly was driving his black Jeep Wrangler, and emotionally distraught. Francisco was found five days later with 17-year-old Tiana Pascual-Dias at the Turtle Bay Resort in Kahuku, Hawaii. Both were killed by a single gunshot wound.

While Kahuku police have declared the shooting to be a double suicide, those close to the situation believe that may not be the case. Francisco and Pascual-Dias had a nefarious relationship controlled by the young girl’s fear of the older man. On October 7, 2015, Tiana’s mother, Edna Pascual, filed a petition for a protection order against Francisco on behalf of her daughter.

Who is Shane Francisco?

Francisco was a former Army National Guardsman who completed two months of temporary full-time service for the Army National Guard in September. The Guard stated that Francisco was a master sergeant who spent most of his time acting as a military police officer. Francisco was also an anti-terrorism instructor with TSO Armor & Training Inc.

Francisco’s wife had a temporary restraining order placed against him. His wife claimed that Francisco began abusing her in July of 2015. On July 14, 2015, Rodelyn Francisco filed for divorce. She claimed that Francisco had choked her, then forced her to have sex with him. Just several months later his wife would place a temporary restraining order against him.

Rodelyn reportedly moved to Las Vegas with their children. It was decided that Francisco would be allowed supervised visits with their children. Supervised visitation would continue until either a court order or if Francisco was clinically discharged from a state-certified sex offender assessment program and any recommended sex offender treatment program.

Francisco invited Pascual-Dias to his apartment in 2013.

According to Pascual, her daughter and Francisco had a relationship for several years. In her petition for a restraining order against Francisco, it states that Pascual-Dias went to his apartment on August 18, 2013, to discuss JROTC.

Francisco’s wife and children were at church when Pascual-Dias came to the apartment. It was then that Francisco wanted to have a “sexual encounter” with the young girl.

Pascual-Dias told her mother about her and Francisco’s relationship on September 28, 2015. On October 1, 2015, Pascual took her daughter to a psychiatrist, where Pascual-Dias is said to have admitted to having several sexual encounters with Francisco.

When Francisco found out that Pascual-Dias had told her psychiatrist about their relationship he was said to begin threatening the teenage girl. The threats got so bad that Pascual-Dias is said to have become suicidal.

Around the same time, a police officer had asked Pascual-Dias if she was willing to press charges against Francisco. The teenage girl reportedly became furious and confused before running away from the officer. After the incident with the officer, Pascual claims her daughter attempted to commit suicide. The restraining order against Francisco was granted, and remained active until April of 2017.

People say that Francisco’s relationship with Pascual-Dias was abusive.

Bertha Bond-Rogers, mother of Pascual-Dias’ recent boyfriend, said her son had tried to get the girl to stay away from Francisco. Bond-Rogers said that Pascual-Dias seemed to be torn over the idea of staying away from Francisco. She went on to say, “I think that man had a hold on her.”

Bond-Rogers son, Kawika Rogers claims that Pascual-Dias told him she wanted to get off the island and stay with him in Washington. Rogers says that the relationship between Pascual-Dias and Francisco appeared to be abusive, and he could sense that she wanted to get away from him.

In July of 2016, Francisco called Rogers with Pascual-Dias by his side. Rogers said Francisco forced her to choose between the two men. During the phone call, Rogers said Pascual-Dias could be heard crying in the background. Rogers described Pascual-Dias as being afraid of Francisco.

From July up until the day of the shooting, the timeline gets a bit blurry. It appears that Pascual-Dias was reported as a runway in July. A few outlets reported that Pascual-Dias was still considered to be missing at the time of the shooting.

A witness does not believe the shooting was a double suicide.

Police are not answering any questions about the shooting. However, they do claim that three officers witnessed Francisco and Pascual-Dias deliver the self-inflicted wounds that claimed their lives.

Honolulu Medical Examiner Dr. Masahiko Kobayashi declared both shootings as suicides due to the wounds being consistent with the officer’s accounts. Both autopsies showed a contact wound to the side of the head, which gives the indication that the muzzle was touching the skin. Kobayashi uses contact wounds as an indicator that it may be a suicide.

One witness did come forward challenging the idea that it was a double suicide. Lori Halemano told reporters that Francesco was yelling at Pascual-Dias in the parking lot of the resort. Halemano had been attending a fundraiser event at the resort and heard the argument between the two.

Halemano said that at first Pascual-Dias was quiet while Francesco continued to yell at her. She also stated that “It appeared she was trying to get away from him.” The two started arguing at one end of the parking lot and managed to make it to the other before Halemano lost sight of them.

As Helamano was leaving, she heard Francisco yelling and Pascual-Dias yelling back at him. She then her two gunshots, causing her to think that Francisco had shot the girl and then police shot him. Police claim the two were sitting in their car when the shooting occurred.

Some say this tragedy should have been prevented.

Following the shooting, many feel that this situation could have been avoided police done a better job of dealing with Francisco after two restraining orders were filed against him. The National Guard is investigating the shooting, but have yet to say if any officials were aware of Francisco’s actions.

Aside from a history of both sexual and physical abuse stemming from his marriage, Francisco began having sex with Pascual-Dias in 2013, when she was only 14, and he was 41. Because Pascual-Dias was too afraid to speak out against Francisco, he managed to fall through the cracks of the legal system and continue his destructive relationship with a young and impressionable teenage girl.



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