Domestic Violence Victims Begs For Arrest Of Derek Schulze In Parsons Kansas

A domestic violence victim is pleading for the arrest of her attacker Derek Schulze in Parsons, Kansas

  • On October 16, Kristina May Talley showed up to her work where her ex-boyfriend was waiting for her in the parking lot

  • Schulze badly beat Talley in the parking lot leaving her with severe bruising and contusions

  • Schulze has yet to be arrested and is facing a misdemeanor assault and battery charge since the two were formerly in a relationship

Domestic violence is a serious issue in this country in which the attacker typically does not receive adequate punishment for their actions until it is already too late. The lack of action in regards to domestic violence is now the reality that Kristina May Talley is living in Parsons, Kansas.

Talley broke up with her abusive boyfriend, 29-year-old Derek Schulze, around three months ago. However, last Monday things took a horrifying turn for the worse.

October 16

On Monday, October 16, at roughly 8:00 am, Schulze showed up at Talley’s place of employment where she takes care of her paralyzed brother. When she arrived at work, Schulze was waiting for her in the parking lot.

Schulze began beating Talley to the point that her face was bleeding, and her eyes were swollen. Talley’s mother, Melba Buchanan, made several posts to Facebook showing the graphic images from the vicious attack.

This is Kristina May Talley before being attacked by Derek Schulze.

This is Kristina May Talley after being attacked by Derek Schulze. Warning, the following images are graphic and may not be appropriate for all audiences.

This is Kristina May Talley in the days following the attack from Derek Schulze.

Domestic Assault and Battery

Buchanan told The Daily Haze that she received a call from the hospital at roughly 9:00 am alerting her that her daughter was in the hospital following the attack.

The Emergency Room told Buchanan that Talley suffered contusions and severe bruising. Buchanan said she is still concerned with Talley’s wrist and told TDH Talley was still bleeding from one of her eyes, her ear, and nose in the following days.

Despite the savage nature of the attack, police told Talley and Buchanan that Schulze was only facing a Domestic Assault and Battery, a misdemeanor since the two were previously in a relationship.

Schulze is still not in police custody. Talley is concerned that he may do this again to her or someone else. Friends and family feel that the Parsons Police Department is giving an inadequate response to the violent attack and are desperately hoping Schulze is arrested.



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