Dog Found Beat To Death Following A Robbery In Wichita Kansas

Robbie Miller arrived at his home on Sunday morning to find that he had been robbed and his beloved dog Buffalo Boy had been beat to death

  • Miller posted a status asking for help from the community to find the person responsible

  • A computer and a pair of headphones were all that were stolen from the property

  • Wichita Police stated that Buffalo Boy had been beat to death with a bat

A dog owner in Wichita, Kansas has gone on social media to ask for help catching a robber who beat his American Bulldog Terrier “Buffalo Boy” to death.

On Sunday, Robbie Miller posted details of the gruesome discovery. In just three hours the post was shared almost 3,000 times. Miller explains that he came home to find his house had been robbed. After noticing his sliding door was unlocked, Miller went to the back of the house and saw his back door was busted in.

Upon entering the residence, Miller noticed a computer and a pair of headphones had been stolen. Miller’s concern shifted to his dog Buffalo Boy. After calling for his dog with no response, he found Buffalo Boy beaten to death at his front door.

Today is very very sad day, I came home this morning to a very horrible scene. I pulled into my drive way to notice my front screen door and mailbox torn up so of course I get out and make sure my doors aren’t unlocked, I find out my sliding door was unlocked and I rush to the back of the house to see my back door was busted through and nothing was stolen aside a computer and…I call for the only thing that matters in my life Buffalo boy only to find him beaten to death at my front door. Today I lost the only thing that matters to me, my main focus and drive for all things in my life, my only child. He was the only living being I looked forward to every day and I wanted the utmost for this guy. You’re in a better place buff and I love you so much, forever in my heart and mind. I’ll soon be with you where ever you are in this mad place we call reality. I love you buddy and whomever did this horrible thing to you will pay.

With this said I’m asking you the Internet and society to help me find the person who did this and help me make sense of this horrible act, because I know and everyone who has ever met him knows he would never hurt anyone and all he wanted was love.

I have a case number and many idea so please share and help me find justice for my best friend and my life long companion.

Wichita Police arrived on the scene at 11:40 am on Sunday. WPD stated that after arriving on the scene at the 700 block of Mount Carmel Court they found a “dead American Bulldog Terrier who had been hit several times with a bat.”

Miller and law enforcement are now relying on help from the community to identify the person responsible for this heinous crime. Anybody with information related to the crime is asked to call (316) 267-2111.



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