The Years Before Dillan Tabares Was Killed By Huntington Beach Police

A look at the years leading up to the fatal shooting of Dillan Tabares by Huntington Beach Police

  • A 43 second video went viral showing Tabares being shot seven times by a Huntington Beach Police officer

  • A second and third video was released that shows Tabares attacking the officer before the shooting

  • Tabares was in the US Navy at one point

  • A look at Tabares’ Facebook page shows signs of mental illness for the past few years

A disturbing video has gone viral that shows 27-year-old Dillan Tabares being gunned down by a Huntington Beach police officer in front of a 7/Eleven.

The video is only 43 seconds long. It begins by showing Tabares appearing to get off the ground with something in his hand. The officer on the scene already has his gun in hand and is seen backing away.

Approximately two seconds into the video the officer fires his service weapon six times. The officer then waits two seconds before firing the seventh shot. Tabares stumbles backward and falls into the store window and slumps down on the ground.

Tabares was taken to the hospital, where it was later announced that he had died from his injuries.

The video spawned outrage and backlash from what appeared to be another senseless police shooting until a second video was released.

The ten second video shows the officer on top of Tabares as the two struggle on the ground. Tabares is seen pulling something off the officer’s belt, at which point the officer begins to unholster his weapon and step back.

The Full Video

Now a third video has emerged showing Tabares coming towards the officer. The officer tries to back away, but Tabares lunges towards the officer and begins swinging at him.

The two go to the ground, and the officer can be seen punching Tabares three times as he is on top of him.

While the officer did not need to shoot Tabares seven times at point-blank range, the third video answers many of the questions left behind from the two previous videos. Clearly Tabares was not as innocent as the first two videos suggested.

USS Anzio

Looking at Tabares’ Facebook gives a closer look at the troubled years leading up to the horrifying moment Tabares was shot and killed.

Tabares was once an Information Systems Technician 3rd Class for the US Navy. A picture from November 28, 2011, shows Tabares manning an M240B machine gun on the bridge wing of the guided-missile cruiser USS Anzio. However, after his time in the Navy Tabares appeared to take a turn for the worse.

Alcoholics Anonymous

Going back to 2015, Tabares was showing what seems to be a deep resentment towards Alcoholics Anonymous and the Occupy movement.


Tabares also spoke of odd religious beliefs and deities claiming he would rise again as “jehuty God,” which is derived from the Egyptian God Djehuty.

Civil War

In another post, Tabares says this “civil war needs to start already,” then claims the cops are running human sex trafficking rings with Al-Qaeda.



If we fast forward to October 2016, Tabares’ posts take an even darker turn as he appears to start claiming Lucifer as his god. One post reads, “Lucifer is god the bringer of light and the stardust thats reacted is the as the ash you are born from have been proven from what i created.”


In another post, Tabares claims he was chosen to fight with the Valkyries. He goes on to say, “Cant wait till im done with what i started here there,” almost insinuating that he needed to die to transcend to one of his fictional beliefs. The post was the last one Tabares made to his Facebook before his death.

Examining the years before his death it is clear that Tabares was struggling with mental health issues, along with the possibility of substance abuse. If anything, Tabares’ death is another example of how badly police departments around the country need to improve how they deal with those suffering from mental illness.



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