Alabama DHR says grandparents can no longer see children due to media attention!

Alabama DHR strips grandparents visits claiming it is due to media.

  • Judge Moore has ruled today that the grandparents of the 14-year-old rape victim can no longer see the children due to media attention.

  • DHR has claimed their own paperwork to be doctored.

  • DHR sued media outlets that we’re reporting on the wrongful removal of the children.

  • Transcripts of phone calls between the grandmother and DHR show that their is nothing being done to reunite this family.

The nation has been watching Shelby County, Alabama’s Department of Human Resources ever since the wrongful removal of a 14-year-old rape victim, her 2-day-old child, and her twin brother. Today, Judge Corey Moore ruled that the three children will no longer be able to see their legal guardians. What was his reason behind this cruel decision? Because of media attention.

Judge Moore has said several times in court that the Princes would have already received their children back if media had not got involved. A claim the Prince’s do not believe after the behavior the Alabama DHR.

For Judge Moore to punish the family for media showing the wrongdoings of DHR is a complete abuse of power and a slap in the face to what Child Protective Services claims to represent.

Alabama DHR claims their own documents are doctored.

One week before removing these children, the Alabama DHR cleared the Prince’s house in a home study. The Daily Haze obtained a copy of this home study, signed by DHR supervisor Star Pope.

We uploaded a PDF of the home study to our account on, and embedded into our article. To our surprise, the home study was removed from Scribd, and the article we published was banned from Facebook.

We had to upload the home study to our server and change the article’s URL to post it on Facebook again. DHR has made claims that The Daily Haze “doctored” the documents, which is a claim that is ridiculous at best.

You can view the home study by clicking here
That was not the only time that DHR claimed something to be doctored. Pictures that were leaked out of Childhaven in Cullman, Alabama were said to be “doctored” as well. The pictures show dead bugs, black mold, and subpar living conditions that were worse than the Prince’s home.

Alabama DHR fires back at media.

This was not the only time that DHR took a shot at the media. The Daily Haze, Medical Kidnap, and a group of several others, including family members, that were reporting on the inexcusable actions of the DHR were sued for $300,000 a piece. For an entity that is in the right, the Alabama DHR is doing everything they can to keep what they do private.
The lawsuit named the infant as the defendant and claims that the media is doing irreparable damage by posting pictures of the child. This is coming from the same agency that denied the baby proper medical care which put the baby in the emergency room, where he almost passed.

The Prince’s were not surprised by today’s decision. Transcripts of phone calls between the grandmother and Riane Hinton of the Alabama DHR show that there were no intentions of reuniting this family.

Alabama DHR denies an approved lunch with the children.

On August 4, 2016, the twins had a dentist appointment. The Prince’s requested to have lunch with the children that day after the dentist appointment. Abby Holloway, one of the twin’s transporters said she was aware of the lunch. However, Meghan Shaw, the other twin’s transporter said she had no clue of lunch and had to hear permission from DHR.

Another worker, Laterrica Williams came to the dentist office and was willing to supervise the lunch if DHR would give permission. The grandmother called Riane Hinton to figure out why after being approved, their lunch was denied. The following is the transcript of that phone call.

Grandmother: I’m good. REDACTED transporter says we are cleared to have lunch today, REDACTED transporter says she has no idea what I am talking about.

Hinton: I talked with everybody and told them there is no lunch today. Your visit will be Saturday which I have is 12-2.

Grandmother: 12-2:30. Don’t cut me my 30 minutes.

Hinton: Mrs. Prince 12-2:30 on Saturday, they will see you then, okay?

Grandmother: Do you also know that REDACTED is complaining with his shoulder being out of place?

Hinton: Did REDACTED notify his social worker of that Mrs. Prince?

Grandmother: What social worker?

Hinton: He has a social worker at the group home. If he is having any problems he needs to notify his social worker or the social worker at the group home. So what is he saying? His shoulder is hurting or something?

Grandmother: His shoulder is out of place.

Hinton: Okay, well we can definitely get that checked on.

Grandmother: So you are saying WE CANNOT HAVE LUNCH TODAY?

Hinton: Not today. Your visit is Saturday from 12-2:30, and then there’s some back to school rally too on Sunday from 5 to whatever time. What time does that start Mrs. Prince?

Grandmother: 5-9

Hinton: Okay, well that’s another visit for you, so you get two visits this week-end.

Grandmother: Well, we wanted to have lunch on Monday (Which was 8/1/16), but we were denied that, so now you are saying we can’t have lunch with them today either!

Hinton: They are going to pick something up to eat and they are going to head on back. You will see them on Saturday.

Grandmother: If these were your children, I don’t think you’d like these arrangements either!

Hinton: Okay, I apologize that you are upset.

Grandmother: No you don’t apologize! You DON’T CARE!

Hinton: I apologize you are frustrated, but the visit will be Saturday.

Grandmother: Yea, I am frustrated because I do not like the fact that YOU want to keep us from our children. So you might better make sure that REDACTED shoulder is taken care of. I will let my attorney know that you are ignoring his medical needs on that too!

Hinton: Okay, Thank you!

Grandmother: There is NO reason for your to deny us having lunch today, other than you want to keep control.

Hinton: Okay, your visit is Saturday and Sunday Okay?

Grandmother: It is from 12-2:30 and you need to tell that Heartstone place not to lock me in either.

Hinton: Okay, They have to follow their rules in their building. We will make sure you have a way to exit in the event of an emergency.

Grandmother: Ummmm

Hinton: Okay, you have a good day!

Alabama DHR does not perform at the same standards they hold these families to.

On August 8, 2016, one of the twins had a dentist appointment to get a cavity filled. Hinton said that he would be transported, but then he never was.

The Prince’s have also requested that the twins be transported to Alabaster Church of God. The request is to allow the children to express their right to religious freedom. At Childhaven, the children are forced to go to Church of Christ located next door regardless of their religion. A direct violation of religious freedom.

DHR also failed to bring the twins to a visit on August 6, and 7, without any notice to the Princes. This is the transcript of the phone call between the grandmother and Hinton that occurred on August 8.

Hinton: Good morning, Shelby County DHR, this is Riane.

Grandmother: Hello Mrs. Hinton, this is Dee Prince.

Hinton: Hey, how are you?

Grandmother: I’m not well at all. I want to know

Hinton: I’m sorry, hold on just a minute…hold on.

Grandmother: (held for 2 minutes and 6 seconds before Mrs. Hinton returned.)

Hinton: Mrs. Prince I have not forgotten you. I am waiting on the worker to come in. Can I give you a call right back?

Grandmother: No ma’am I am work. I just want to know why REDACTED was NOT picked up this week-end like you promised.

Hinton: Okay, hold on just a minute. Either I can call you back, or I have to wait ‘til a worker comes here to my office to talk with you.

Grandmother: What worker?

Hinton: The worker is not here this week. So the emergency worker has to be here.

Grandmother: Okay, so as a supervisor, you cannot talk to me and answer my questions.

Hinton: Okay, I would prefer to have someone in the room when I speak with you.

Grandmother: Um hum. I don’t have anybody in the room when you speak to me.

Hinton: Okay, Mrs. Prince, would you like for me to call you bbaaacckkk, or would you like to hold on til someone comes?

Grandmother: How long is it going to take, I am at work? I am on a break right now.

Hinton: It won’t take long at all.

Grandmother: I just need to know why you lied to us and told us we would have 2 visits this week-end.

Hinton: Mrs. Prince, would you prefer to hold on while the worker comes so I can talk with you about your concerns, or would you like for me to call you back?

Me: Is REDACTED going to be at his dentist appointment at 1:00 today?

Hinton: Okay, again, would you like for me to call you back?

Grandmother: You can’t call me back. I’m at work. I just need for you to answer my questions. Is he going to be at his dentist appointment today at 1:00?

Hinton: I cannot discuss your concerns with you unless someone else is in the room.


Hinton: Okay, Wait a minute, now Mrs. Prince, I’m not going to allow you to talk to me that way!

Grandmother: You talk to me to any way you want to!

Hinton: I always respect you.

Grandmother: and you lie to me. YOU LIED TO US! YOU LIE!!!

Hinton: Hold on just a minute Mrs. Prince, hold on.

Grandmother: (held on for 65 seconds)

Hinton: Okay, Mrs. Prince

Grandmother: Yes

Hinton: Okay, I have the emergency worker in the room, Mrs. Romeo. Now what are your questions?

Grandmother: Why was REDACTED NOT picked up for our week-end visit on Saturday, and why was he not brought to the “back to school bash” last night?

Hinton: Okay, the worker was sick. She got sick all of a sudden Saturday. So I apologize that he was not picked up, but we CAN make that visit up for you. Will you be available sometime today while he’s in Birmingham?

Grandmother: Not until after 3:00. I just told you I’m at work.

Hinton: Okay, so does that mean a particular time? What time would you like to be available Mrs. Prince for him to visit with you today?

Grandmother: I can be available after 3:00.

Hinton: Okay

Grandmother: About 3:30 I can be available. So is he going to be here at his visit at 1:00 for the dentist?

Hinton: Okay, he will be at his appointment, okay?

Grandmother: Um hum.

Hinton: And also what we can do, Let’s do a 4:00 visit for you. Is that okay with you?

Grandmother: Where?

Hinton: Okay, it would have to be here at DHR.

Grandmother: NO MA’AM!  I’m not coming to DHR. No ma’am I’m not. I WILL NOT COME TO DHR! UMMMM!

Hinton: Well then what we can do is add some additional time Saturday.

Grandmother: Hah! Okay!  Well, we had 4 hours that we were supposed to have last night and by the way, YOU denied the child his religious freedom. I told you before that he’s part of his youth group. He was supposed to perform last night, but he was not able to because he wasn’t there. So you crippled our youth group last night by the way!

Hinton: Well you know, I apologize that happened, but the social worker got sick at the last minute.

Grandmother: You don’t have anybody else that can do that in the event somebody gets sick or they don’t notify anybody?

Hinton: Okay, Mrs. Prince uummm, would you like to make the visit up this up coming Saturday? (NOTE: 8/13/16, NOT IN THE CONVERSATION).

Grandmother: You gonna give us all day?

Hinton: I’m sorry????

Grandmother: Are you going to give us all day?

Hinton: Okay, would you like to make the next visit up this upcoming Saturday? Or do you wanna add some addition meet with him today, or visit here at DHR.

Grandmother: No, we would like to have either dinner with him or something like that, not at DHR. No that’s not a visit, that’s a prison sentence! I don’t want to come to DHR. We want to either have lunch or dinner with him.

Hinton: Okay, what we can do is bring him earlier on Saturday. You can spend additional time with him. Would you like that?

Grandmother: Is he going to be there at 11:00 on Saturday?

Hinton: Okay, usually do 12- 2:30. So that’s 2 & half hours. So what we can do is dooo 9:30- 12:00. That’s one hour. 2:30, 11:30, one, two, yea, 9:30-12:00 that’ll put you at 2 and half hours.

Grandmother: No

Hinton: Then 12-2:30

Grandmother: Then he’s going to have to get up and be transported at 7:00 in the morning.

Hinton: How else would you like your visit to be made up Mrs. Prince?

Grandmother: Do it from 11-4.

Hinton: Okay that’s not gonna give you your full 2 and half hours with him. I was suggesting 9:30-4.

Grandmother: Why can’t we do that with the. If you do it 11-4, then that is supposed to be from 12-2:30, so that is going to be an extra 2 hours in there if you do it until 4.

Hinton: Okay, so you want to 11-4 with him?

Grandmother: And REDACTED. She didn’t get to see her brother either.

Hinton: Okay, but you will be visiting with with him, so that will be…. Let’s see That’s gonna give you 5 hours in all.

Grandmother: Well, then Do 11-4 and bring them both, so they can visit as well.

Hinton: Okay, so that’s gonna give you 5 hours. I would have to see if the ummmm Heartstone would have a opening for that time frame.

Grandmother: Okay, Well like I said. And this coming Sunday. Let’s talk about that. We had a visit on Saturday, so I need to know what time that’s going to be. And also Sunday if both children are going to be brought to church for the 6 P.M. service.

Hinton: Okay, we’re gonna have to talk about it that at the upcoming ISP. UUHHHH Has Mrs. Williams called you yet about the ISP?

Grandmother: No! Nobody calls me and tells me anything.

Hinton: Okay, well I’m not quite sure she is out this week at training. I don’t know if she tried to call or not.

Grandmother: NO, but I can tell you she has not.

Hinton: Okay, what I will do is to tell you that the ISP is this upcoming Thursday at 11:30.

Grandmother: I cannot come at 11:30. I work. I cannot come to anything until after 3:00.

Hinton: Okay, well we can try to reschedule it for after 3:00

Grandmother: Well, I can’t be there at 11:30. I’m at work.

Hinton: Okay, well we can try our best to reschedule it for you. I will have to get with all the parties.

Grandmother: It needs to be at 4:00 if you want me to be there. I don’t get off until 3, I can’t be there until 3:45 or so.

Hinton: Okay.

Grandmother: If I leave directly after 3:00.

Hinton: Okay, we will definitely try to reschedule it for 4:00 on Thursday. Then I will get back with you on that.

Grandmother: Okay, I want it in this ISP that you are wanting to do again. I want these children at church services on Sunday evening.

Hinton: Okay, we can discuss it among the team. I can’t make any promises, but we can discuss it.

Grandmother: Yea, I know you don’t keep promises even when you make them.

Hinton: Is there anything else you need Mrs. Prince?

Grandmother: I want to know why you lied to my family.

Hinton: Okay, Is there anything else you need? I have already discussed what happened. Why the um he wasn’t transported.

Grandmother: Um huh, Like that’s supposed to be okay with us, right? Like I told you before,You don’t miss time with your family, now do you?

Hinton: Is there anything else you need Mrs. Prince?

Grandmother: Yes, I need my children brought home.

Hinton: I’m not gonna go back and forth with you. I’m not gonna do that.

Grandmother: You never do.

Hinton: It was, wha, but, I, I would like to keep it professional. I’ve explained to you what happened. We apologize on behalf of the agency. We are willing to make up your visits.

Grandmother: I want 11-4 on Saturday.

Hinton: Alright, well let me check.

Shelby County, Alabama is plagued with corruption.

If a parent does not jump through every hoop that DHR puts in front of them, they get punished. If DHR does not do their job, it is an excusable mistake. There is a double standard that clearly exists in the agency.

The man charged with the statutory rape of the 14-year-old is out on bond. He has three other statutory rape charges against him, yet he has more freedom than his victim at the moment.

The Daily Haze will begin releasing a series of articles proving, without a doubt, the corruption of the government agencies in Shelby County, Alabama, and the surrounding areas.



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