Devyn Holmes Shot On Facebook LIVE By Cassandra Damper

Devyn Holmes  remains on life support after being accidentally shot by Cassandra Damper on Facebook LIVE early Easter morning

  • Houston police received a call about a shooting at a Valero at 2:25 am on April 1

  • Holmes was taken to Ben Taub Hospital in serious condition

  • Damper was booked and charged with tampering or fabricating evidence

Disturbing videos appearing on Facebook’s livestreaming platform is nothing new. Sadly there has been suicides, police shootings and other horrifying incidents seen by millions via Facebook LIVE. Most recently, an accidental shooting was broadcast to the world early Easter morning.

On April 1, at 2:25 am, Houston police were called to the scene of a shooting at the Valero gas station on Almeda Road near Southmore Boulevard.

26-year-old Devyn Holmes—known on Facebook as Cadillac Coleman—was on Facebook LIVE with 25-year-old Cassandra Nickcole Damper and another male inside a vehicle. It was reported that the two men were showing each other their guns in the moments before the accidental shooting.

In the video, Holmes is sitting in the driver seat, Damper is in the passenger seat, and the other male is in the back seat. The conversation leading up to the shooting goes as follows.

Man in the back seat: I’m in my bed. Why you do all that mother fucking lying dawg?

Damper: Lying ass.

Man in the back seat: Thought you was fixin to pull up.

Damper: Lying ass hoe. (Damper picks up a handgun on the center console. She then points the gun at the camera, as Holmes puts his hand on the gun.) You seeing what we doing to lying ass hoes?

Holmes: Hey man…

Damper: We draw down.

Holmes: You making me nervous.

Damper: We draw lines on them hoes!

Man in the back seat: She ain’t got no clip bud.

Holmes: Hey where you from again?

Damper: (Cocks the gun.) Say something, bitch. (Points the gun and shoots Holmes in the head.)

Damper and the man in the back seat are seen fleeing from the car as Holmes slumps to the side and blood begins pouring from his head. The unedited video can be seen below.

The following video is extremely graphic and may not be suitable for all audiences.

Holmes was rushed to Ben Taub Hospital in serious condition where he remains on life support at this time. Damper was arrested and charged after she allegedly tried to wipe the gun residue off her hands. She was booked and charged with tampering or fabricating evidence.

Damper told police during an interview that she was not aware the gun was loaded. The second man was not arrested. Police have said that more charges could come from the incident.



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