Denver allows cannabis in bars and restaurants with Proposition 300

Denver just voted in Proposition 300

  • Prop 300 allows bars and restaurants to apply for permission to let their patrons use cannabis

  • Smoking will not be allowed, but outside smoking areas are a possibility

  • Currently, in Denver, you can receive a citation for public consumption if caught using cannabis in public

Denver appears to be continuing to stay ahead of the curve in the cannabis world. While eight other states voted to legalize cannabis on either a recreational or medicinal level, Denver residents were voting on Proposition 300.

Prop 300

Prop 300 lets bars and restaurants apply to allow patrons to use cannabis at their establishments. The vote on Prop 300 makes Denver the first city in the nation to allow the consumption of cannabis in bars and restaurants.

If the establishment is approved, patrons can use cannabis inside, as long as it is not smoked. Which means edibles will be acceptable for inside consumption, but worry not smokers; the city measure does show the possibility of outdoor smoking areas.

On Tuesday, supporters of Prop 300 celebrated the victory, and those opposing the new measure conceded.

Supporters claimed the measure was good for the reason of keeping cannabis in privately accepted areas where those over the age of 21 could respectively use their cannabis.

New options for cannabis users

Despite the legality in the area, some cannabis using residents have claimed to have problems at their place of residence. Some landlords have taken their stance against the legalization in Denver, and in many situations are not afraid to evict someone for using cannabis.

Allowing bars and restaurants to let their clients another option of where they can use their cannabis without making the full step to public smoking.

Colorado, at this moment, does not allow or ban the use of cannabis in public. Instead, the issue is one that is being dealt with in local ordinances. In Denver, you can receive a citation similar to drinking in public for being caught using cannabis on public streets.

By November of 2014, Denver police reportedly issued 688 public consumption citations. The number of citations totaled a 480% increase in public consumption tickets when compared to the 117 citations issued by that same period in 2013.

Before Prop 300, the only state to allow on-site consumption was Alaska. Alaska allows cannabis consumption at dispensaries, but not in restaurants or bars.



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