How David Wu Got Sex Worker Premium Snapchats Reported To The IRS

David Wu has the social media users claiming they are reporting Snapchat premium “sex-workers” to the IRS

  • Wu made a Facebook post that has been shared over 17,000 times telling people how to report sex workers to the IRS

  • Social media users are taking sides to either defend sex workers or report them

  • The hashtag #ThotAudit has been created and the campaign is spreading to social media sites across the Web

If you have been on social media in the last two days, you may have witnessed what may become the greatest online battle of 2018. The quickly escalating battle was started by a shitposter/troll hybrid named David Wu. Wu seems to have either purposely or inadvertently started a full-blown Internet war between “incels” and “thots.”

Wu made a status on his Facebook calling on people to report “sex-workers” who are accepting money through Snapchat premium to the IRS. The whole thing is spiraling out of control and has spread to reddit, 4chan and even acquired the hashtag #ThotAudit.

Shortly before the “Thot Audit” began, Wu made a couple of posts about sex workers that seemed to be trying to invoke a response. At 3:16 am on Thursday, Wu shared a post from Ezra James that read, “Why do sex workers demand respect when they don’t even respect themselves?”

About 40 minutes later, Wu posted “Happy thanksgiving everyone! Except for ‘sex-workers’ Have a lovely day guys.”

These small puns looking to get people pissed off were not even a prelude of what was to come. It appears Wu’s first post asking people to report sex workers to the IRS may have been removed. Regardless, on Friday Wu posted a screenshot of an edited profile asking who reported their premium Snapchat to the IRS. In the caption, Wu posted links showing how to report Snapchat premium users to the IRS.




USE THESE LINKS TO LEARN HOW TO REPORT ANY OF THEM:…/how-do-you-report-suspected-tax-fraud…/small-bu…/tax-scams-how-to-report-them

The post was shared over 17,000 times and in the blink of an eye the Thot Audit began. For the most part, it seems what started as a troll may have actually got people to start reporting Snapchat premium accounts to the IRS. Now people are wondering, are people really filing reports to the IRS? The Libertarian Republic points out, the “IRS 3949-A form is a fairly specific form.”

The form is asking for personal identifying information and financial information, none of which you would ever be able to obtain from their Snapchat. The form is designed for someone who has personal knowledge of an individual with insight into their finances who has reason and documentation to suspect Tax Fraud.

To simplify that, if there’s one thing a government employee doesn’t want to do, it’s a whole lot of work. Especially if the one filing has nothing financially credible to document. A form like this that only contains a Snapchat handle is destined for Iron Mountain, or a similar shredding service.

This does not necessarily mean people are not taking the time to try and report people to the IRS. If there is one thing people should know by now it is to never underestimate people from the Internet. Regardless, Wu is clearly getting Snapchat premium users worked up. In another post, Wu shared two screenshots from a conversation he claims to have had with Belle Delphine.

Thanks to the Thot Audit, Twitter users can watch people like blogger Daryush Valizadeh — also known as Roosh Valizadeh, Roosh V and Roosh Vorek — battle with controversial gamer Brittany Venti. From his @RooshV Twitter account, Valizadeh accused Venti of receiving over $50,000 this year without reporting it to the IRS.

Brittany Venti, who has received over $50,000 this year from online beta males, has locked her account because she’s scared of being reported to the IRS. It doesn’t look like she intended to report the income.

On Saturday, Venti took to her Twitter account to try and defend herself from the accusations made by Valizadeh. Venti claimed she does pay taxes on her donations.

-He blatantly lies saying I don’t pay taxes on my donations (Which I do.)

-Everyone blindly likes it and supports his lie

-He encourages his followers to falsely report me to the government.

He’ll just get away with lying because hardly anyone will call it out.

Meanwhile, Wu is still shitposting and doing what he can to trigger supporters — “white knights” and “feminists” — of sex workers on social media. With the feud being less than 48 hours old and already spreading as quick as it is, chances are this war could possibly end up getting bigger than Charles Dion McDowell, better known as “neck guy.” McDowell almost broke the Internet after social media users became fascinated by the size of his neck in a wanted picture posted on Facebook by the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office.



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