Datsik Cancels Tour Following Accusations Of Sexual Assault

Dubstep DJ Datsik cancels tour and future festivals following accusations of sexual assault on social media

  • The allegations began flooding Twitter after user @_princessjay tweeted comments from a Facebook status that had allegations

  • Since early Thursday morning dozen of women have come forward alleging Datsik of sexual assault and rape

  • Datsik announced on Facebook on Thursday he is cancelling the rest of his tour and future festivals

The EDM community took a hit early Thursday morning when sexual assault and rape claims against dubstep DJ Datsik began flooding Twitter.

The accusations began pouring in after @_princessjay tweeted out a shot of two Facebook screenshots. In the screenshots, two different comments claim that Datsik took advantage of women while they were extremely intoxicated.

One comment claims that Datsik’s manager gave girls nametags that say “TUL$A” on them so that when they look in the mirror, it reads “a slut.” Multiple pictures of Datsik backstage passes have since been posted to back the claim.

Since the original tweet from @_princessjay, more women keep coming forward about their alcohol and drug-induced experiences backstage of Datsik shows. Many of the victims claim they were “blacked out,” with little to no memory of their experience with the dubstep DJ.

Datsik’s response to the allegations has been anything but appropriate. The DJ has locked his Twitter account down to try and evade the onslaught of public ridicule. Datsik addressed his 1.3 million Facebook fans on Thursday afternoon to announce he was canceling the rest of his tour and pulled himself off all future festivals.

Datsik claimed the last 24 hours had been a “whirlwind of emotion and reflection.” He also thanked everyone who has “supported me, has faith in me or has offered to help me.” The one thing he did not do in his Facebook post is issue an apology for his behavior.

The last 24 hours have been a whirlwind of emotion and reflection. In light of the recent allegations against me, I am canceling all the remaining tour dates and pulling myself off all future festivals. To anyone who has supported me, has faith in me or has offered to help me, I thank you.

Twitter user @Cenachuu posted an alleged message from Datsik claiming he and her had “Hooked up for like five minutes.” Datsik claimed the girl “seemed really drunk so we stopped.”

Apparently, another Twitter user saw @Cenachuu’s tweet and reached out to her about what happened the night of the Datsik show. The person claims the girl came on the bus but “looked so fucked up that you couldn’t even communicate.” The user claimed that at first they believed Datsik was trying to help her, but they later noticed how he was touching her.

The user goes on to claim that after thinking @Ceenachuu had left, she was seen thirty to forty mins later, but was wearing different pants, which also matches Datsik’s claim of giving her pants to wear. Outside of the bus, the user claimed to see the girl’s friend running away crying, which is when they began putting two and two together as their Uber was arriving.

The last screenshot @Cenachuu posted was from her messages with Datsik. In the message, Datsik asks if she was wearing red stockings, which she confirms. He ends the conversation by saying, “And hey, keep your head up. We will meet again at some point!!! Half full vs half empty is twice as powerful :).”

It would seem that Datsik’s glass is currently half empty as Twitter may have destroyed his career in a close to record-breaking time for the social media platform. In under 24 hours, one tweet managed to grow to the size of forcing the DJ to cancel his tour. It is just another reminder of how relentless social media can be if you are a shit person.



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