Dashcam Footage Of Toni Anderson Raises More Questions Than Answers

Dashcam footage of a North Kansas City Officer pulling over Toni Anderson leaves more questions than answers

  • Anderson was reported missing on January 16, 2017

  • Police found Anderson’s body on March 10 in the Missouri River

  • Police released the dashcam footage months after Anderson’s disappearance

  • Anderson’s autopsy report has ruled her death as an accident

The investigation into the disappearance of Toni Anderson conducted by the Kansas City Police raised questions from the moment it started. After months of refusing to release dashcam footage of Anderson being pulled over before she went missing, the tape has finally been released and raises more questions than it gives answers.


The investigation led by the Kansas City Police Department has been anything but transparent and smooth. When Anderson initially went missing in January, KCPD denied ever making contact with the 20-year-old.

A text message sent by Anderson to a friend read, “Omg just just pulled over again.” Due to the KCPD stating that Anderson was never pulled over by one of their officers, her loved ones became concerned that she was possibly pulled over by someone impersonating an officer.

Days later, KCPD did confirm that Anderson was pulled over by North KCPD officer. It was later discovered that Anderson was pulled over by Officer Bill Ficken.

Anderson allegedly made an illegal lane change and was stopped at roughly 4:25 am. Anderson’s text message was not sent until 4:42 am, insinuating that she may have been pulled over a second time that night.

The Dashcam Footage

In the dashcam footage, Anderson clearly sounds intoxicated. Ficken does not ask Anderson to step out of the car, conduct any sobriety tests, or instruct her to park her car for the night. Instead, he suggests Anderson pull into a Quik Trip parking lot and “gather herself” for a minute, which completely goes against the original police narrative.

Officials from the KCPD said Anderson told Ficken that she was almost out of gas. Ficken then allegedly let Anderson off with a warning and pointed her in the direction of a nearby Quik Trip. Now, with the release of the dashcam footage, we can see that neither claim is true.

Anderson never once tells the officer that she is low on gas during the stop. The Quik Trip is located across the street from the stop, and can even be seen in the footage. Meaning, Ficken did not need to point her in the direction of a nearby Quik Trip. Instead, he told her to go park there.

The Autopsy

Anderson was found dead in her car in the Missouri River on March 10. Anderson was found in the driver seat, along with an SUV.

According to an autopsy report that was released Tuesday, her death was ruled accidental. The autopsy states the cause of death as “hypothermia and drowning,” and reports that Anderson had ethanol, cocaine, and amphetamine in her system.

Toni Anderson Autopsy Report by The Daily Haze on Scribd

Anderson was said to have two bruises behind her knee that she acquired before her death. Cuts to Anderson’s abdomen that contained glass appear to have occurred after her death. Police claim Anderson accidentally drove down the boat ramp and drown. The drugs in her system were said to have assisted in the accident.



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