The Dark Overlord Is Selling Nudes From London Bridge Plastic Surgery

The Dark Overlord is selling nudes stolen from a security breach against London Bridge Plastic Surgery

  • The hacker group claims to have images of┬áKatie Price, Frankie Essex, and Chloe Sims in specific

  • An announcement was made through the groups steemit account created after being booted from Twitter

  • London Bridge Plastic Surgery confirmed the hack occurred but it appears to have happened in 2017

  • The same group of hackers made headlines this week after claiming to have highly sensitive documents related to 9/11

The hacking group known as The Dark Overlord made news this week after claiming to have highly confidential documents regarding the 9/11 attacks that leveled the Twin Towers that they will release if a monetary ransom is meant. Now they are doing the same with celebrity nudes after claiming to hack London Bridge Plastic Surgery.

After being booted from their Twitter account The Dark Overlord created a steemit account. This steemit account is currently their only social media being used to communicate with the public. On Thursday, the group made a post saying they are selling nudes they received from London Bridge Plastic Surgery that caters to celebrities.

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The hacking group says the center caters to celebrity clients, but only named Katie Price, Frankie Essex, and Chloe Sims in specific. In the post, the group released Katie Price’s personal information and Frankie Essex’s breast enhancement surgery as proof of what they have. The group says they will release Essex’s before-surgery for $1,000 USD in Bitcoin and the after for $3,000 USD in Bitcoin.

This is the thedarkoverlord here to deliver a message.

We recently hacked a very famous plastic surgery center in London called London Bridge Plastic Surgery. This center caters to celebrity clients like Katie Price, Frankie Essex, and Chloe Sims among many others. We’ve stolen photos and highly confidential documents from this clinic about their patients. We have photos of breast augmentation, labiaplasty, and even gender reassignment surgery.

We’re leaking a few samples for everyone to enjoy now, of Katie Price’s personal information and Frankie Essex’s breast enhancement surgery. We’re going to start a crowd-funding effort for us to release the true nude photographs of Frankie Essex first, and then Chloe Sims.

When we receive 1000 USD of BTC, we’ll release the before-surgery photograph of Frankie Essex’s breasts.
When we receive 3000 USD of BTC, we’ll release the after-surgery photos of Frankie Essex’s breasts.

Not only are we extorting global insurers and litigation firms, we’re also extorting celebrities, all in the public interest. Everyone loves nudes, right?

We have a complete database of all clients who ever attended London Bridge Plastic Surgery. If you know of more high profile celebrities who had work done here, let us know and we’ll get the ball rolling on a release. If you’re Frankie Essex, Chloe Sims, Katie Price, or any of the plethora of other celebrities whose data and photographs we’re sitting on, you can e-mail us to request we withhold you from future leaks.

While it seems a bit ridiculous to charge that amount of money for nudes that already exist from a simple Google search, it would appear The Dark Overlord is trying to use this current attention to cash in on as much as possible. Especially considering the hack first happened back in 2017. In an October 2017 article The Daily Beast confirmed with London Bridge Plastic Surgery that the hack did happen.

We can confirm that the Clinic has been the victim of a cyber attack. We took measures to block the attack immediately in order to protect patient information and we informed the Metropolitan Police who launched an investigation.

Regrettably, following investigations by our IT experts and the police, we believe that our security was breached and that data has been stolen. We are still working to establish exactly what data has been compromised.



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