Mandan couple dresses as DAPL water protectors for Halloween and immediately regret it

A couple in Mandan decided they were going to dress as water protectors for Halloween

  • After posting the picture to Facebook it quickly went viral

  • The couple’s phone number was released online as well

  • The couple lives close to where heated protests have occurred against the Dakota Access

What would Halloween be without a small group of ignorant people dressing up as something they know people will find offensive, but figuring fuck it, it will be worth the laughs? That logic is causing one Mandan couple to most likely regret their decision to dress as DAPL water protectors for Halloween.

Ana Markel posted a picture of her and her significant other Terry in their Halloween costumes to her Facebook. Little did she know, that picture was about to go viral. The costumes were meant to look like water protectors that have been fighting the Dakota Access Pipeline for months not far from the couple’s home in Mandan.

The couple went as far even to wear what they see as the appropriate accessories. Ana can be seen wearing orange and blue feathers and holding a piece of paper that says #WaterIsLife. Water is life has become one of the symbols in the stand against the Dakota Access.

Terry is seen wearing a red bandana over his face, which is common for water protectors who wish to hide their identity. Terry is also holding a piece of paper that says #NoDAPL, a hashtag that has become the face of the resistance against the Dakota Access. In Terry’s other hand is a bottle of alcohol.

Since the picture went viral, Ana has removed it from her account. Both her account and Terry’s is no longer accepting friend requests. Their inboxes have most likely¬†been flooded with angry messages as the Internet launches their attack.

The couple’s phone number has also been released online, which can only add to the problems the picture has caused for the two. Many seem to be angry that the couple lives so close to a situation that is causing heartbreak for so many around the country and yet they are able to be so callous towards the situation.

For months, people have gathered from around the country to stand against the Dakota Access. The Markel’s choice of costume was clearly taken as an insult to all those who are trying to take a stand to protect the country’s water.

The picture was posted at the worst possible time, as this last week protests have escalated to an unprecedented level. Almost 300 people have been arrested since last Saturday, which is most likely adding to people’s outrage towards the couple’s choice of Halloween costume.



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