Daniel Willis Taylor Arrested For Assaulting Yasmine James At McDonald’s

Daniel Willis Taylor was arrested for assaulting McDonald’s worker Yasmine James in St. Petersburg, Florida

  • Video of the attack when viral on social media

  • Willis was charged with simple battery

  • Atlanta Black Star reports James is on paid leave

A video shows the moment that 40-year-old Daniel Willis Taylor assaulted Yasmine James at a McDonald’s in St. Petersburg, Florida.

In the video, Taylor is seen already arguing with James when he reaches over the counter and grabs the collar of her work shirt and pulls her towards him. James immediately begins defending herself by punching Taylor in the face at least a half a dozen times. Taylor refuses to let let go of James even while being punched. Finally another employee comes up to him and makes him let go of her.

Taylor is seen afterward snapping at the manager as if he was still just a regular customer who did not assault a female employee. Taylor even says, “And I want her ass fired right now,” to which James replies, “you’re fixing to go to jail.”

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It turns out James was right. Taylor was arrested and charged with simple battery. Rumors have spread that James was fired, but those rumors have not been confirmed. According to the Atlanta Black Star James was placed on paid leave for the incident.

The Atlanta Black Star also claims there was more to the incident than seen in the video. Apparently, Taylor left the store before police arrived but not before going behind the counter to try and start more problems with a manager. At that point a male employee grabbed the man and carried him outside. While being carried outside, Taylor is said to have kicked a different female employee.

D.L. Hughley shared out the video on his Facebook page. In the description, Hughley points out Taylor snapping at the manager after he assaulted James as a way to see his mindset even after the attack.

#WhitePrivilege gone wrong!! Pay attention to how he snaps his fingers at the manager after he catches those hands she put on him for assaulting her🧐 That just lets you know the type of mindset this guy has🤦🏾‍♂️ #TeamDL #thisisamerica #nottoday #Repost with @get_repost
This happened at a McDonalds in St Petersburg Florida…A SWS assaulted a Black female employee, & she had to fight him off. The man’s name is Daniel Willis Taylor and he was arrested for assault. Report @tariqnasheed ….
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