Dakota Access security guard dresses as protester armed with an AR-15

A Dakota Access security guard armed with an AR-15 was removed by BIA during Thursday’s conflict

  • The man was said to almost hit several people as he sped towards the Oceti Sakowin camp

  • A Dakota Access security badge was found in the man’s truck

  • Morton County Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier said the man most likely had the weapon “more or less in self-defense”

Yesterday as the standoff in Standing Rock escalated to a chaotic level, one incident, in particular, went almost entirely under the radar. Late Thursday afternoon, a security guard for Dakota Access attempted to drive a vehicle into the Oceti Sakowin camp armed with an AR-15.

Standing Rock Sioux Tribe member B.J. Kidder noticed the man had an AR-15 in the truck with him and tried to remove the weapon through the open window. At that point, the white truck sped off towards Highway 1806.

Exhausted protesters were traveling the 1806 as the man sped towards them. They were returning to camp after a standoff with police that lasted hours, protesters had no clue of the immediate danger heading their way.

Kidder began yelling that the man had a gun, and was able to inform security guards. The Dakota Access security guard reportedly almost hit several different protesters as he erratically headed south along the 1806.

As the man got closer to the Oceti Sakowin camp, an SUV managed to force him off the road. That is when the man exited the vehicle with AR-15 in hand and entered the water near Blackwater Bridge.

Several protesters entered the water after the man and could be seen trying to calm him down without anybody getting hurt. The man was seen pointing the weapon directly at people at least one time.

This tense standoff with the armed individual lasted roughly one hour before the Bureau of Indian Affairs arrived on the scene ad removed the man.

The incident occurred in Morton County, not on the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation. Technically, the BIA did not have jurisdiction in that area, but law enforcement requested BIA to respond, claiming they were not able to respond due to protesters blocking the 1806.

Initially, the FBI was investigating the incident, but they passed it off to North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation.

Some witnesses claimed the man fired the weapon, while other conflicting reports claimed no shots were fired.

Morton County Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier stated the man contracted work for security from Dakota Access, and most likely had the weapon “more or less in self-defense.”

Kirchmeier went on to say that there was no one in custodydakota-access-security-guard-dresses-as-protester-armed-with-an-ar15-badge in regards to the incident.

A group of those opposing the pipeline discovered the man’s Dakota Access security badge in his truck, along with papers that showed the truck to be insured by Dakota Access LLC.

Kirchmeier said that it is believed a flare was shot into the truck on County Road 34, and then it was lit on fire.

It is unknown the man’s intentions, as some believe he was dressed the way he was to make people believe he was one of the protesters.



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