Dakota Access remove 27 pieces of equipment from North Dakota.

Dakota Access remove 27 pieces of construction equipment from North Dakota.

  • Most of the equipment removed was already damaged.

  • Local law enforcement monitored the removal to ensure no conflicts between workers and protestors.

  • Protests are happening in over 100 cities around the country against the construction of DAPL.

On Tuesday, Dakota Access, along with the assistance of local law enforcement removed roughly 27 pieces of equipment from a site located 5-miles southeast of St. Anthony.

The removal began in the early morning hours.

The removal began in the early morning hours and received no problems from those standing against DAPL. North Dakota Highway Patrol troopers watched over the site as workers cleared the equipment.

The workers were able to remove all the equipment from a site just east of Highway 6 before noon. The extra law enforcement was put together between DAPL and law enforcement that were already present. After last week’s escalation, it was today’s goal to remove the equipment without confrontation.

It is another small victory for those protecting the Earth from the oil giants, but it may be only that. Damaged equipment was the primary focus of what was removed today.

Lt. Tom Iverson of the NDHP told the Bismarck Tribune that, “The company has a lot of damaged equipment that they need to do something with. It cannot just be sitting out in the field. It’s just going to go to waste if it’s equipment that is not going to run properly.”

Iverson said there is no expectation of any more equipment being moved around at this time. Morton County Sheriff’s Department oversaw local law enforcement during today’s removal. Dakota Access has been requested to report to the Morton County Sheriff before making any moves that could cause friction for workers, protestors, and local law enforcement.

North Dakota receives support from around the country.

Around the country, people have been protesting against the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. Even states that DAPL will not be going through are now coming forward to stand against the $3.8 billion pipeline.

As of now, over 100 cities are placing pressure on President Obama to stop the construction of DAPL, just as he stopped the construction of the Keystone XL.

People are blocking other construction sites around the country.

People are still arriving in North Dakota to stand against the pipeline. Those standing against the construction of the pipeline in North Dakota are no longer alone.

In other states where construction is underway, people are gathering to prevent the workers from building the pipeline, following North Dakota’s example.

Every day this project is looking like it is on its way to the scrapyard. Aside from time and manpower being wasted, the outcry against the pipeline has even impacted Dallas-based Texas Energy Partners stock value.

The companies behind the Dakota Access Pipeline may never be able to recover from the horrible image they are painting if they were to continue with the construction of the pipeline. This would only cause things to escalate to the point of risking people’s safety.




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