Dakota Access Pipeline Already Had A Small Leak In South Dakota In April

On April 4, 2017, the Dakota Access Pipeline had a small leak in South Dakota

  • The pipeline leaked 84 gallons due to a mechanical leak

  • Authorities say no public drinking water was contaminated

  • In March the pipeline was vandalized in two different states

Earlier this week it was discovered that the strongly opposed Dakota Access Pipeline leaked 84-gallons of oil on April 4 in South Dakota. While the spill is considered small, some fear it is just the beginning of what’s to come from the 1,200 miles of pipeline.

The April 4 spill was disclosed to the public on the company’s website where it went almost unnoticed until it was discovered and reported on earlier this week.

The Spill

The spill reportedly happened at a rural pump station in South Dakota. Local authorities said the spill did not pose a risk to public drinking water. The relatively small spill was said to have been “contained and cleaned up immediately.”

It was reported that a mechanical failure caused the spill and was alleviated by liner that acts as a secondary containment. The developer of the pipeline, Energy Transfer Partners, claimed there was “no impact to the area” and “all remediation” was complete soon after the spill occurred.

Dakota Access Vandalism

The April leak was not the only problem the Dakota Access Pipeline has faced in the last couple months. In March, the pipeline was vandalized in two different states. According to court documents, there were two “coordinated physical attacks … that pose threats to life, physical safety, and the environment.”

In Mahaska County, Iowa, Sheriff Russ Van Renterghem stated that someone cut a hole in a 5/8-inch thick pipe with a blowtorch. The hole was cut into a pipe at an above-ground safety valve. ETP believed the incident occurred between March 3 and March 13.

In Lincoln County, South Dakota, there was a similar incident. Chief Deputy Chad Brown of the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office reported that someone had used a blowtorch on a pipe at a valve site near Sioux Falls. ETP believes that incident occurred between March 15 and March 17. No arrests were made in either incident.



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