Dakota Access Security Guard Kyle Thompson Speaks Out

Dakota Access Pipeline hired security guard Kyle Thompson speaks out

  • Thompson was involved in an armed standoff with water protectors on October 27, 2016 in Cannon Ball, North Dakota

  • The former project manager for Leighton Security Services spoke with Myron Dewey, founder of Digital Smoke Signals

  • Three water protectors were arrested for pushing Thompson’s truck off the road on October 27

  • Thompson was arrested in April for Domestic Violence, Carrying a Concealed Weapon, and Drug Paraphernalia, other than marijuana

On October 27, 2016, in Cannon Ball, North Dakota hired security guard for the Dakota Access Pipeline Kyle Thompson pulled an AR-15 on water protectors while he was dressed as a water protector.

October 27, 2016

Thompson was spotted driving a white truck, dressed as a water protector, and armed with an AR-15. After being run off the road by water protectors, Thompson exited his vehicle with AR-15 in hand.

A short standoff between Thompson and water protectors ensued. The BIA eventually arrested Thompson.

Now, almost nine months after the initial incident, Thompson has decided to speak out to Myron Dewey of Digital Smoke Signals.

Early Wednesday morning, Dewey began a Facebook LIVE video to the Digital Smoke Signals page. The caption read, “Ex Leighton Services project manager (Dakota Access Pipeline Security), Kyle Thompson, shares his story. Sharing a prayers, good thoughts and protection of all Water Protectors, Aho.”

Kyle Thompson Speaks

Dewey begins the video with a prayer before explaining the former DAPL security guard wanted to tell his story to the water protectors. Dewey asks water protectors to listen to Thompson with “open hearts,” and “open minds” before turning the camera over to Thompson.

The man in the video states his name is “Kyle Thompson” and that he was project manager for “Leighton Services,” however, the truck Thompson was driving on October 27, was owned by Knightsbridge Risk Management according to insurance papers inside the truck.

Thompson claims that he learned of Leighton Services from a “buddy who’s father” worked for the security firm. He then goes on to say that his purpose in Standing Rock was to ensure people on both sides were safe. Thompson claimed that he “wanted to make sure that people made it home to their families at the end of the day,” and following by saying, “that was my personal mission.”

When asked about the tense incident on October 27, Thompson claims that the situation escalated due to a “misunderstanding” on both sides.

Thompson claims that he is coming forward after all this time to try and aid the 700+ people that are still locked up in the court system in Standing Rock following mass-arrests and inhumane treatment by law enforcement in the area.

Before ending the short interview, Dewey asks Thompson what he thought about the sound of the drums from the camps in the area, which he responds that “it was a pretty amazing feeling.”

Thompson Is A Veteran

Dewey also asked what it felt like to watch the Veterans come down to Standing Rock, which Thompson responds, “It was almost an overwhelming feeling.” Thompson went on to say that he “almost wanted to be a part of it,” but was unable to join due to his job with Leighton.

Thompson served for eight years in the 1st Squadron, 89th Cavalry Regiment, 10th Mountain Division. In December of 2007, Thompson returned home a hero, after he served 15-months in Iraq.

Upon Thompson’s return home he was greeted by former Three Affiliated Tribes Chairman Tex Hall. Hall gifted Thompson an eagle feather headdress, then a drum group played and sang songs to celebrate his arrival and his success in war.

Brennan Nastacio, Michael Fasig, Isreal Hernandez

Following the incident with Thompson, three arrest warrants were issued for the men who stopped Thompson truck with another truck. Warrants were issued for Brennan Nastacio, Michael Fasig, and Isreal Hernandez.

Nastacio’s warrant was for terrorizing offense for threatening Thompson when he walked towards him with a knife. Fasig and Isreal’s warrants were for alleged reckless endangerment after they “rammed a truck driven by another individual, creating a substantial risk of serious bodily injury.”

Domestic Violence, Weapons, And Drugs

On April 17, 2017, Thompson was arrested for Domestic Violence, Carrying a Concealed Weapon, and Drug Paraphernalia, other than marijuana, according to jail records.



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