Video: White Customer Pulls Gun On Black Customer With Hooded Shirt In Sandwich Shop

A viral video shows a white customer pull a gun on a black customer wearing a hooded shirt inside what appears to be a sandwich shop

  • In the video the white customer pulls a gun on the black customer and then proceeds to frisk him

  • A Facebook comment claims the incident happened in Rio de Janeiro where 100 cops have been killed in 2017

  • 1News claims the man with the gun is an off-duty officer

A viral video on Facebook shows what appears to be a white customer with his family pull a gun on a fellow black customer inside a sandwich shop.

The video was uploaded to the Your Black Reality Facebook page on Monday. It has been viewed over 2 million times in just 12 hours and has become a point of debate on social media.

What We See

As the video begins, there is a white man and a woman holding a child in what appears to be a sandwich shop. A few feet behind them stands a black man in a turquoise hoodie and sunglasses.

Approximately 40 seconds into the video, the white male at the counter is seen pulling out a hand gun and pointing it at the man in the hoodie. The fellow customer puts his hands up while the armed man frisks him.

The man with the gun appears to instruct the man in the hoodie to order a sandwich but remains standing on guard. At one point, a new customer walks in, and the armed man reaches for his gun, which was holstered by that point.


Rio de Janeiro

Overall, the events surrounding the video are a mystery at the moment. It is not even clear where exactly the incident happened. While the video is going viral in America, at this moment it appears that the incident did not occur in America.

Facebook user Daniel Vazquez claims the incident happened in Brazil. Military Police in Rio de Janeiro just buried their 100th officer killed on duty during 2017. According to Brazil media outlet, 1News, the man with the gun is an off-duty police officer with his family.



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