Covington Catholic High School Deletes Facebook After Students Taunt Native Elder

Editor’s Note: New information shows Phillips was not a Vietnam Veteran. Phillips was a Marine from 1972 to 1976 but was never deployed to Vietnam. A longer video emerged showing Phillips walking to the students after a confrontation with the Black Hebrew Israelites.

Covington Catholic High School has deleted all their Facebook pages following massive backlash from their students mocking a Native elder at the Indigenous Peoples Day March in Washington DC on Friday

  • Multiple videos of the incident have gone viral showing the students chanting “build the wall” as Nathan Phillips continues to sing

  • Phillips is an elder, a Vietnam veteran, musician, educator and youth leader

  • The students were supposed to be attending the March For Life when they decided to go harass those attending the Indigenous Peoples Day March

Covington Catholic High School appears to have deleted their Facebook page after multiple videos began going viral on social media showing a group of the school’s all-male students mocking a Native American elder at the Indigenous Peoples Day March in Washington DC on Friday.

The students from the Kentucky Catholic school are seen surrounding and taunting Nathan Phillips as he continues to play his drum. Phillips is an elder, a Vietnam veteran, musician, educator and youth leader. Several of the students are wearing MAGA hats. At one point they are heard heard chanting build the wall. It truly is an ironic moment in history to see spoiled white kids chanting “build the wall” at a Native American elder. What a fascinating time to be alive.

The students were said to be attending the March of Life, but at some point decided to wander off to harass those attending the Indigenous Peoples Day march. According to Heavy, the mother of the student in Phillips’ face sent an email claiming the story was “fake news”. A completely unexpected retort from a family that clearly supports President Donald Trump who has coined the phrase to use against anything he does not agree with.

“Shame on you! Were you there? Did you hear the names the people where calling these boys? It was shameful. Did you witness the black Muslims yelling profanities and video taping trying to get something to futher (sic) your narrative of hatred?? Did you know that this “man” came up to this one boy and drummed in his face? Shame on you. Only reporting what you want. More fake news.”

When this reporter thanked her for the correspondence and explained that it would be reported on as part of the story, she demanded the emails be deleted.

“Delete my email. I want nothing to do with helping perpetuating (sic) your hate. I do not want to be a part of your story. You are ruining a boys life for fake news. Hate spreads like wildfire. I pray for you.”

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Following massive backlash, Covington Catholic High School — located in Park Hills, Kentucky — has deleted their Facebook page, its alumni page and other fan pages. The comment section on the school’s YouTube has also been deactivated.

In a video posted by Dyami Thomas, a tearful Phillips says he could hear the students chanting “Build that wall, build that wall” as he was singing. “This is indigenous land” says Phillips. “We’re not supposed to have walls here. We never did.”

On Saturday, Laura Keener of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Covington said they are investigating the situation. According to the school’s Code of Conduct page, the students involved should face suspension with the possibility of explosion. The Code of Conduct reads that “act(s) of assault or harassment on or off campus of any kind…” will result in “SUSPENSION WITH POSSIBLE RECOMMENDATION FOR EXPULSION.”

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