Conspiracy Claims Democrats Are Behind The MAGABomber

Since the Trump administration took office, we have seen a growing animosity between Republicans, Democrats and mainstream media. On Wednesday the tension between the three spiked after pipe bombs were intercepted during delivery to major Democratic figures and CNN.

The targets for the pipe bombs included former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, former Attorney General Eric Holder, former CIA Director John Brennan — who’s package was delivered to CNN — and billionaire George Soros. Holder’s package was sent to the Florida office of former Democratic National Committee chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

Many believe this is the result of the growing hateful rhetoric from President Donald Trump against everyone that received a package on Wednesday. Trump’s disdain towards the bomber’s targets is no secret, leading some to believe the extreme right was behind the attempted bombings. Following the discovery of the pipe bombs, the hashtag #MAGABomber was trending on Twitter.

Another growing theory is that Democrats are actually behind the pipe bombs as a way to make Republicans look bad just before November’s midterm elections. People have also claimed the migrant caravan coming to America’s border from Honduras is staged by Democrats to vilify the right before the elections.

THE BLACK SPHERE released an article on Wednesday accusing Democrats of being behind Wednesday’s pipe bombs. TBS is the media outlet created by former FOX News contributor Kevin Jackson. Jackson was fired from FOX at the end of September after he referred to Brett Kavanaugh’s accusers as “lying skanks.”

Kevin Jackson has been terminated as a contributor. His comments on today’s hearings were reprehensible and do not reflect the values of FOX News.

Looking through the TBS website, it becomes clear their motive is to demonize anything and everything from the left by taking half-truths and adding general accusations that are difficult to confirm or dismiss, similar to the tactics used by those behind “Q Anon.”

In the article titled “This “Bombing Scare” Is A Farce And Should Be Treated As Such,” journalist Miranda Dawson claims the left is the only side to have shown any violence under the Trump administration. To prove her point, Dawson points to the shooting of Steve Scalise, rallies by Antifa, and the Kavanaugh accusations. The death of Heather Heyer in Charlottesville, the rise of the Proud Boys, are just two major examples of violence coming from the extreme right Dawson neglected to mention.

While Dawson lacks any evidence to back her accusations, she does have a plethora of theories. Dawson asks why someone would send bombs to Obama and Clinton when both “figures are completely irrelevant.” A statement that is hard to understand when even Trump himself is still seen making comparisons and attacking the Obama administration. Not to mention, despite being Trump’s weapon of choice, Obama’s Twitter account has a much broader reach and amount of interactions than the current president.

Dawson goes on to ask, “if a conservative or mentally unstable person would do such a horrible thing why would they do it in this timing?” Because apparently, someone who would attempt to mail pipe bombs to high-profile Democrats would clearly be thinking about the possible impact their actions would have on the upcoming elections. This theory is nothing more than a gross misunderstanding of how mental illness works, which is all too common in this country.

The last bit of evidence behind the theory was several tweets suggesting Democrats were responsible for sending the pipe bombs. All of the tweets carried a general theme accusing the left of always blaming the right for attacks as these members of the right were actively blaming the left for an attack against themselves.

To give you an idea of the general tone from TBS, in another story written by Jackson just recently he claims “Leftist heathens” have paid the Honduran “invaders” to come to the American border. Jackson compares Democrats who he claims are paying the migrant caravan to the Egyptians when King Ramses challenged the will of God due to the possibility of the caravan crossing paths with Hurricane Willa.

As I looked at Hurricane Willa, I thought about the Ten Commandments, and all the bad things that hit the Egyptians as King Ramses challenged the will of God.

A common trend during these sort of high-profile incidents is for one party to place blame on the other party as soon as possible. Currently — like many incidents before this — there is a lack of evidence to place the blame on either side. While it makes for a great conspiracy, it is hard to ignore that Wednesday’s targets are the same people Trump’s administration has been blaming for the downfall of America for a very long time.



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