The Condom Snorting Challenge Is Making A Comeback

An old Internet challenge known as “The Condom Snorting” challenge appears to be making a comeback

  • The condom challenge consists of a person snorting a condom and pulling it out through their mouth

  • This bizarre challenge dates back as early as 2007 but did not go viral until 2013

  • In the past five years US poison control centers have only had one call in regards to a condom inhalation

The Internet is full of bizarre trends and “challenges,” but perhaps one of the oddest challenges appears to be making a comeback after it first gained momentum five years ago.

“The condom snorting” challenge encourages people to take an unrolled condom and snort it through their nose, then pull it through their mouth. Some may remember Jackass star Steve O doing the same thing with a worm at the beginning of his career.

While some may be confused on why anybody would snort a condom, the answer is quite simple. These teens are doing it for the Internet fame. For years now people have put their bodies through hell in an attempt to receive their fifteen minutes of Internet fame.

Stephen Enriquez, a state education specialist in San Antonio, told Fox affiliate KABB, “These days our teens are doing everything for likes, views and subscribers.” Following Enriquez’s comment, several media outlets have begun warning parents of the condom snorting challenge.

While some may think snorting condoms is all fun and games, some professionals are warning that it could quickly turn into a fatal accident. In specific, two cases are referenced in which condoms were accidentally consumed, according to the Washington Post.

One report published in 2004 in the Indian Journal of Chest Diseases and Allied Sciences references a 27-year-old woman who fell victim to “accidental condom inhalation.” The woman accidentally sucked a condom down her throat during oral sex, which led to pneumonia and caused the right upper lobe of her lung to collapse.

In a second case from the Journal of Medical Case Reports, a woman unintentionally swallowed a condom, and a piece of it managed to make it to her appendix. The piece of condom in the appendix resulted in the 26-year-old woman getting appendicitis.

Before parents begin losing their shit, it should be noted that it is pretty unlikely your kid is probably not going to die from snorting condoms. Even though the bizarre challenge dates back to at least 2007, there has only been one report of condom inhalation to US poison control centers since the challenge first went viral in 2013.

The Internet has gone through substantial changes since 2013, with people much more likely to do whatever it takes to get likes, follows, shares and subscribers. While it is unclear why the challenge is now resurfacing, it is still too soon to tell if this will become a full-blown trend.

Recently, the “Tide Pod challenge” sent fear throughout the country and even pushed New York lawmakers to introduce laws that would make Tide Pods look “less edible.” In the Tide Pod challenge, teens were basically eating laundry detergent on video in an attempt to go viral. It truly is one of the most fascinating periods in time to be alive.



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