“Traumatized” college students treated like children after Presidential Election

College students across the country are said to be “traumatized” after the Presidential Election

  • Students at the University of Michigan were given Play-Doh and coloring books

  • Cornell University students held a “cry-in”

  • Students have also made petitions asking for a day of no school

Nothing screams entitlement more than college students who have the ability to disrupt daily functions because they did not get their way. That is exactly what is happening on college campuses across the country.

Students against Trump are now being deemed “traumatized” by Tuesday’s election results, causing campuses across the country to cancel tests, bring in therapy dogs, and even give the students Play-Doh.

Yes, our college students are being borderline rewarded for throwing fits equal to that of a child who did not get the toy they wanted.

How to deal with a traumatized college student

Dozens of students at Cornell University showed up to have a “cry-in. The cry-in was held to mourn the results of the 2016 election. Students were said to have been given markers to write their emotions on poster board or chalk to write it on the ground.

At the University of Michigan, students came into the office of Trey Boynton, the director of multi-ethnic student affairs, where they were given coloring books and Play-Doh. The traumatized students were encouraged to search for comfort, in the same way a young child would after spilling the last cup of chocolate milk.

An astronomy lecturer at the University of Maryland, Alan Peel, canceled a test that was scheduled for Wednesday. Other campuses across the country have also canceled tests, and some have made tests optional.

Petitions for no school

Loyola students made a petition to have a day off, ending their request with, “The only cure to an election hangover is drinking a cold beer in bed… all day.”

While other college students also made petitions requesting for a day off after the election, Loyola’s is the best example of just how disconnected some of our college students are with the real world. Your candidate lost and you are so upset that the only thing that will possibly get you by is a cold beer in bed. Brilliant!

But I don’t wanna go to school

Many people are upset about Trump winning the presidency, but the majority of those people did what they were supposed to do the next day. Most people did not have the luxury of going into their bosses office to play with Play-Doh and cry instead of working.

Our country’s campuses struggle with students ability to appropriately form acceptance to ideas and views that are different from their own. Instead of being taught how to listen to other views, those with an unfamiliar stance on an issue are just deemed to be a bad person.

It is no secret that our colleges have been trying to bring balance and diversity in regards to gender and race. While these two issues are being addressed, issues such as political and theological diversity are going untouched.

One cannot help but wonder if these same students that are needing to cry and find safety in coloring books would be so sympathetic if Clinton would have won and it was Trump supporters who were traumatized?

Instilling the wrong values

College is supposed to be the last stop for young adults before they enter the real world to help society as a whole. What values are we instilling in the future leaders of America when we tell them it is okay to revert to being a child because you do not like something?

The fact of the matter is that the world is not a nice place. All of us have days where we would rather hit up a coloring book and cry instead of going to work, but those who have existed in the real world know that is not an option.

Despite the outcome of this election being what you wanted or not, the appropriate reaction should not be to throw a fit, even though that seems to be the leading response. Regardless, enjoy the Play-Doh while you got it.



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