Maryland woman Colleen Ferreri becomes the most recent suicide on Facebook LIVE

Colleen Ferreri used Facebook LIVE to broadcast her suicide following negotiations with police

  • The video is over ten minutes long as shows officers trying to convince Ferreri not to shoot herself

  • Ferreri used an assault rifle to shoot herself after failed negotiations with police

  • One of Ferreri’s two children were in the house when police arrived

  • People have been “trolling” Ferreri’s Facebook account following the suicide

Facebook LIVE has unknowingly hosted yet another suicide as we continue to see a growing trend in these disturbing videos.

Colleen Ferreri, a mother of two in Maryland used Facebook LIVE to film her suicide on April 24, 2017. The video begins with the woman sitting, and a male police officer’s voice can be heard attempting to negotiate with her.

Police Response

Ferreri can be heard saying, “Don’t do this shit dude. Don’t fucking do this shit. Don’t fucking do this shit. My fucking kid is here,” as she is brandishing an assault rifle.

Ferreri goes on to say, “You can do whatever you want, but you are just going to add more casualties to this whole fucking thing,” as she places the barrel of the rifle in her mouth.

Police can be heard yelling something to Ferreri, to which she responds, “Yeah, go fuck yourself, man. If you walk through this door, I’m going to shoot my-fucking-self, so at the end of the day you’re fucking stupid.”

The officer yells, “Colleen,” she responds “NO!” The officer yells back, “answer the door,” and Ferreri again responds, “NO!”

Ferreri’s Child Was In The House

The officer manages to break through the door, at which point the situation escalates. Ferreri responds by yelling, “Well I’m going to kill myself, not you, I’m not going to hurt any fucking body else, I swear to God dude. Please, just get my kid the fuck out of here. Please get my kid the fuck out of here! Please get my kid the fuck out of here! Please get my kid the fuck out of here! I swear to God get my kid the fuck out of here!”

The officers can be heard asking where Ferreri’s child is, to which she responds, “in her fucking room,” as she points up. The situation gets much more intense, and Ferreri demands officers call her dad.

Ferreri’s dad calls on her¬†phone, she answers and says, “Dad I swear to God I love you so fucking much. I promise you I love you. I promise you I can’t fucking do it anymore. I love you Dad. I gotta go.”

When the officer tries to ask about her children, Ferreri informs the officers that she has two children and they are “fucked up in the head,” because she is a “piece of shit person.”

The officer begins trying to convince Ferreri to put her gun down. At one point Ferreri says if the officer puts his gun down then she will put her gun down. The officer responds “it is not going to work like that.”

The officer spends the rest of the video trying to get Ferreri to put her gun down, but she refuses. You see Ferreri raise her gun up, and the officer says repeatedly says “No,” as Ferreri fires one shot.

After the shooting, at least one officer can be heard laughing, which some have found offensive. Others have said it is just human nature, and a natural response following such a stressful situation.

4chan Users Troll Fereri’s Facebook

Perhaps the most disturbing part of this Facebook LIVE suicide was the response from the Internet. 4chan users went to Ferreri’s Facebook account and began “trolling” her friends and family.

The Facebook LIVE video has since been removed but is still hosted in its entirety on multiple websites. Ferreri’s Facebook settings were not set to private so anybody is able to comment on her past posts, which sadly, trolls used as an opportunity to add insult to injury.

Ferreri’s last post before the video has been the main thread falling under attack from trolls. On April 24, at 1:18 pm, Ferreri made a post that simply said, “I’m sorry.”

Facebook LIVE

Following this most recent suicide some are saying that Facebook LIVE needs to be shut down. However, that would not be solving the problem. Instead, it would only¬†push the real issue America has with suicide back out of the public’s eye.

Facebook LIVE has proven to be a powerful tool, but following multiple suicides, and the recent murder by Steve Stephens, many are trying to place the blame for these actions on the Facebook feature. In Stephens case, it was later discovered that he had recorded the video with his phone and uploaded it. Stephens did not use Facebook LIVE to record the murder of 74-year-old Robert Godwin.



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