Collection of Kevin Gilbertt’s livestream from Standing Rock

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Kevin Gilbert’s livestream shows that the water cannons in Standing Rock were not being used to put out fires

  • Law enforcement at one point had three water cannons they were using against the crowd

  • Water protectors tried to remove two burnt vehicles from the Backwater Bridge when law enforcement attacked

  • Law enforcement also used tear gas and rubber bullets

Sunday night, law enforcement in Standing Rock began using a brutal tactic against water protectors. In 24-degree weather, law enforcement began spraying the crowd with water cannons.

Early in the day, some water protectors had gone to the Backwater Bridge to remove the burned vehicles police have been using as a barricade. The gesture was meant to be one out of peace but instead was met with inhumane actions by law enforcement.

Morton County Sheriff’s Department made a post to their Facebook page claiming that there was a riot and protestors were starting fires. Local media has reported that Morton County only has the water cannons to put out the fires. All of this is false. Lucky for us, we have technology.

Kevin Gilbertt has been livestreaming for the last three hours since this began. From his videos, you can clearly see the water cannons being used on the crowd. You can also see that the fires that were being started were from the tear gas canisters that law enforcement have been firing at water protectors.

Below is a collection of all of Gilbertt’s videos throughout the night. Gilbertt was worried that they may be removed from his Facebook page, so this was put together to ensure the videos live on. We will continue to add his videos to this article as they are posted.

7:00 pm

9:00 pm

9:30 pm

10:30 pm

11:15 pm

12:00 am

12:30 am

7:30 am

Gilbertt also posted four pictures this morning that was sent to him. The pictures show the results of a woman who was injured by either a rubber bullet or a concussion grenade. We warn you now, the images are extremely graphic and may not be appropriate for all viewers.











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