Codey Levi Jolley offered a plea for the murder of 1-year-old Ethan Antes.

A petition has been started to ensure child killer Codey Jolley does not get a plea bargain.

  • Codey Levi Jolley called 911 in April claiming that his 1-year-old stepson Ethan had drown in the bathtub.

  • Three weeks before Ethan’s death, Jolley claimed the child had spilled scalding coffee on his head and upper body.

  • Ethan’s father is trying to prevent the Salt Lake DA from giving Jolley a plea bargain.

*Editor’s note 9/1/2016 1:49 pm: The Daily Haze was notified that it was Ethan’s grandfather that started the petition. We would also like for it to be known that the relationship between Ethan’s mother was very short lived, as some have had concerns of how she allowed this to happen. With the two previous incidents that occurred before Ethan’s tragic death, he was talking to the hospital where doctors declared both incidents as accidents.


In May of this year, Codey Levi Jolley was charged for the murder of his stepson, 1-year-old Ethan Antes. Jolley is in prison with felony murder, and child abuse, which is a 2nd-degree felony. Ethan’s father has stated that the Salt Lake District Attorney’s Office is offering Jolley a plea bargain.

The 911 call.

On April 29, 2016, 911 dispatchers received a call from Jolley who claimed he had left Ethan alone in the tub for 20 seconds or less. When Jolley returned to the bathroom, he claimed Ethan was face down in the bathtub.

Jolley claimed he was outraged at how long it took emergency vehicles to arrive at the house after calling 911. However, charging documents show that when dispatchers asked Jolley for the address, he would not provide it. It would not be long before it became apparent why Jolley was not providing the address.

Doctors determined Ethan’s death was caused by “an ongoing pattern of child abuse.”

According to court documents, doctors did not believe Ethan’s death to be caused from drowning as Jolley had claimed. Instead, doctors said the death caused by “an ongoing pattern of child abuse or inflicted injuries caused by another person.”

When first responders arrived, they noted that Ethan’s hair and body were dry. Investigators that arrived shortly after found the tub was still in shower setting, from Ethan’s mother showering hours prior. Doctor’s could not see a drowning happening that quickly.

Ethan was virtually dead when emergency crews arrived. EMS spent roughly 40 minutes working on the young boy until they got a faint pulse. On the way to Primary Children’s Hospital, Ethan’s heart stopped again. Ethan spent the last hours of his life on life support at the hospital.

A history of abuse.

Roughly three weeks before Ethan’s death, the child was burned by scalding coffee. The coffee came in contact with the child’s head and upper torso. The results were first-degree and second-degree burns on Ethan’s head and upper body.

The day before Ethan’s death, there was another incident where Jolley claimed Ethan had fallen out of his highchair. Jolley claimed that from the fall Ethan had hit his head on the table.

Assistant Utah medical examiner Dr. Erik Christensen noted that there were lacerations to Ethan’s eyelid, arms, and legs. The flap between the teeth and the gum had partially healed ripping on the top and bottom of the child’s mouth.

Ethan also had bruising on his forehead, face, jaw, and neck, along with swelling of the brain. According to doctors, his injuries were consistent with strangulation.

Sign the petition!

Jason McCalmant, Ethan’s father, has asked for help from the Web to ensure that Jolley does not receive the plea bargain that the Salt Lake DA is offering.

McCalmont hopes to make the laws stiffer for anybody who is found guilty of murdering a child. As of now, Jolley is facing two counts that could put him in prison for 1 to 15 years a piece. Meaning, at max Jolley would face 30-years for murdering a 1-year-old child. People are serving more time for possessing marijuana.

If you would like to support McCalmont’s petition, you can do so by clicking here!



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