CNN cuts “peaceful” interview with Sylville Smith’s sister.

Sister of Sylville Smith called for protesters to burn suburbs.

  • CNN ran an interview with Sherelle Smith claiming she was calling for peace.

  • Video later surfaced showing the moments after CNN cut, Smith told protesters to burn the suburbs.

  • Protests in Milwaukee this weekend were very racially charged.

  • Multiple reporters have been pulled out of Milwaukee due to safety concerns.

Following the police shooting of Sylville Smith, Milwaukee fell victim to an intense weekend of protests mixed with, at times violent, riots. In the middle of such a volatile situation, many are wondering why CNN cut a peaceful interview with Smith’s sister short.

Despite numerous reasons for concern, many claim that the protests are not what media is portraying them as. While a mainstream media twist is nothing new in these situations, most of the videos that are causing concern are not coming from the media. Many of the more concerning videos are coming from protesters themselves.

One video in specific is causing outrage online. Smith’s sister, Sherelle, was caught on video encouraging people to burn down the suburbs. However, CNN decided to cut her speech short.

At 1:17 in the clip below, CNN claimed Sherelle was asking the crowd for peace. The short clip shows Sherelle pleading for the crowd to “not bring the ignorance here,” and then ends.


It was not long though before the rest of that video surfaced showing what CNN cut off. Sherelle went on to say the following.

“You’re burning down shit we need in our community. Take that shit to the suburbs! Burn that shit down! We need our shit! We need our weave! I don’t wear it, but we need it!”


Smith was shot and killed by a black police officer on Saturday afternoon.

Smith was shot Saturday afternoon at roughly 3:30 pm after officers say he fled from a traffic stop. A black officer pursued Smith and claims that Smith turned towards him with a stolen gun in hand. Reports claim the gun had 23 live rounds in it.

Police claim there is body camera footage to back up the officers claims that Smith turned to him with a gun in hand. However, the video has not been released to the public, as of yet. It will be left up to the Wisconsin Department of Justice to determine if the body camera footage will be released.

In the hours following the shooting, Smith’s criminal background was released to the public. Some of Smith’s charges included felony witness intimidation after prosecutors said he was intimidating the victim in the first case. Both charges were in regards to a shooting, and both eventually dropped. Smith also had other charges related to traffic violations and drug possession.

Social media claimed that Smith was unarmed and killed by a white officer.

Before any information could be released, social media led the frenzy following Smith’s shooting. Social media claimed Smith was unarmed and shot by a white police officer. The claims helped fuel protests similar to protests we have seen in Ferguson, and Baltimore.

On Saturday night, over 100 protesters took to the streets to protest Smith’s death. As night fell, the protests took a turn for the worst. Protesters began burning buildings in the area. Firefighters responding to the fires were shot at upon arrival. Police cars were tipped over and lit on fire, and several officers were injured.

Videos on social media showed a smaller group of protesters screaming for white people to be injured on sight. Reporters were injured, and racial tensions escalated. Due to the damage that was done on Saturday night, the National Guard was activated and a curfew was put into action.

The situation slightly improved on Sunday night, as far as damages go. Racial tensions were still escalating though as reporters continued to be targeted and an 18-year-old white male was shot in the neck. The tension has caused several members of media to pull out of the situation.

Media does not feel safe in the area.

Independent tech journalist Tim Pool made the decision on Monday to leave Milwaukee. Pool posted a video to his YouTube channel describing what he had witnessed in his short time in the middle of the Milwaukee uprising.

Pool is a veteran journalist and has been in these situations time and time again. This is the first time Pool has left a situation out of concern for his personal safety.

Pool claims from the moment they arrived in Milwaukee, they were greeted with racial tension. Protesters were yelling things such as, “Fuck white people!” In his video, Pool goes on to state he witnessed fellow journalists get physically attacked, and was within 50-feet of the young white male that was shot.

Black Lives Matter reputation continues to grow worse.

Over the past year, the Black Lives Matter movement has been coming under constant fire for escalating situations and adding racial tensions to volatile situations.

This last weekend, Milwaukee protesters seem to have done more damage than good for the movement as a whole. Around the country, people are beginning to view BLM protesters as a domestic terrorist group. Protesting is already not condoned by a large portion of the country. Scenes like this weekend will only push those who misunderstand protests even further from ever accepting them.



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