Clinton campaign wanted to turn deadly Hesston, Kansas shooting into a “voting issue”

Emails show that the Clinton viewed a deadly shooting in Hesston, Kansas as an opportunity for a “voting issue”

  • On February 25, 2016, Cedric Ford killed 3 people at Excel Industries and wounded 13 before being killed by police

  • Iowa communications chief Lily Adams for the Clinton campaign saw the shooting as an opportunity for a “Gabby ad”

  • The emails come from the latest email dump from WikiLeaks

A new email leak from WikiLeaks shows a cold and callous reaction to a deadly shooting that happened in 2016 in Hesston, Kansas. Instead of showing any concern for those involved in the shooting, the Clinton campaign instead looked at the shooting as a possible “voting issue.”

Cedric Ford

On Thursday, February 25 at roughly 5:00 pm, Newton police received a phone call about a man shooting from a vehicle. Just minutes after the report there were reports of a shooting at Excel Industries. Excel is a lawn and garden equipment manufacturer located in Hesston, Kansas.

About two hours into the shift, Cedric Ford was supposed to relieve a coworker at Excel. The coworker went outside to look for Ford, where he saw him pull up in a car. Ford exited the vehicle with a gun on and yelled “Hey” at a bystander nearby, then reportedly shot him.

Ford then entered Excel, which had 150 employees working at that moment. Once inside, Ford was said to shoot victims at random. Police quickly arrived on the scene and the tragedy ended after Ford was killed by police.

Including Ford, four people were killed on that day, and another thirteen were injured.

It turns out while friends and families mourned the appalling shooting, the Clinton campaign was busy trying to figure out how to twist the incident into a voting issue.

Gabby ad – for Mass

An email sent from Lily Adams, Hillary’s 28-year-old Iowa communications chief, was titled “Gabby ad – for Mass?” A Gabby ad is short for a Gabby Douglas TV commercial. The email reads as follows.

“Question for the team: given the mass shooting tonight in Kansas (4 dead, 20 injured, and counting) – should we hold off on this? or … “make it a voting issue” … ?”

American political consultant Jim Margolis responded, “Great – Oren can you shoot me an unlisted youtube link so we can put together an advisory? thanks.”

Margolis’ response was directed towards Oren Shur, Director of Paid Media at Hillary For America.

Jennifer Palmieri, the Director of Communications for the 2016 Hillary Clinton presidential campaign, simply responded, “Great.”

Adams responded with, “Yeah Harrell would like to do this tomorrow if we are going to put it on air.”

Clinton’s Deputy Communications Director Christina Reynolds responded, “Makes sense here if Mass is into it. I’m sure we could get a Healey quote for the release.”

Shur then responded with, “Bumping this, + Lily. Interest in airing/releasing as a press play in Mass tomorrow/weekend?

Wanted to pass this spot along, was cut a while ago and has now received the green light from her people. Our thought would be to move it to Mass – how do you guys feel about doing press around it up there? We haven’t checked in with the team up there on this yet, wanted to bounce off you guys first.

See what you guys think.”


The last email from Shur also included a link to a Box account, a media sharing app. Upon going to the link, it says the shared file or folder has been removed.

The emails show a total lack of empathy from the Clinton campaign. Instead of showing any genuine concern, the Clinton campaign saw the tragedy as a way to press gun issues on the people to promote their presidential campaign.



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