Here are the links for the RNC Police Scanners in Cleveland… ENJOY!!!

rncA group of ten men wearing gas masks, numerous suspicious packages, teens smoking pot, and of course Bikers for Trump & #BlackLivesMatter were among HUNDREDS of other call-ins and dispatches on the first night of the RNC.

We knew before it started that this year’s Republican National Convention in Cleveland was going to bring together America’s opposing polar opposites and with them, came FIREWORKS over the police scanners! What did you expect!?!?!

So far, nobody has had their head blown off as a result of Ohio’s decision to adhere to their open-carry weapon policy, but you can bet when it happens, it’ll be all over the following police scanners… click the links to listen LIVE!

You can listen to these feeds one-by-one or open them all at once and listen to them like you’re Daredevil setting on top of Quicken Loans Arena. Just make sure when the shit hits the fan… you stay the hell down!



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