Is Cindy Gomez-Schempp Host Of A Mexican Crossing Lines Backing A False Rape Accusation

Cindy Gomez-Schempp has used her radio show A Mexican Crossing Lines Backing to push a quite possibly false rape accusation

  • Gomez-Schempp has been pushing the narrative of Missy Waddell’s rape allegations against journalist and ActivateNOW founder Ed Higgins

  • Waddell claims that she was too intoxicated to give consent on the night of the incident

  • Text and Facebook messages from Waddell and others provides a new look into her allegations

  • Messages show Waddell had a vengeance against Higgins and at one point she was behind a malicious cyber attack

  • Waddell has claimed a woman cannot give consent after one drink and that all men are guilty of rape at some point

During months of protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline in North Dakota, a long list of people managed to gain both wanted, and unwanted audiences and attention. Unfortunately, some grasped on to that five minutes of fame and refused to let it go.

That appears to be the case with Cindy Gomez-Schempp who runs a radio, and social media-based talk show “A Mexican Crossing Lines,” with the help of Duke Schempp and Nemo Siqueiros on 88.1 FM Fargo-Moorhead.

The Facebook page has a relatively small following of under 5,000, but that has not stopped Gomez-Schempp’s name from becoming synonymous with harassment towards whomever their current target may be. The show’s constant claims walk a fine line between slanderous opinions and serving a personal agenda.

Cindy Springer

If you do a simple search for Gomez-Schempp on Google, you will see she is a paralegal, and journalist with many accomplishments. However, those days are in the past as A Mexican Crossing Lines gives the feeling of a gossip tabloid more than it does a hard-hitting independent media outlet. Social media users have referred to her as “Cindy Springer,” obviously comparing her journalistic integrity to that of Jerry Springer.

Recently, Gomez-Schmepp has been supporting Missy Waddell, who claims journalist and ActivateNOW founder Ed Higgins raped her after a business meeting at a restaurant and bar in California.

The Bitch Pack

According to messages received by The Daily Haze, Waddell was in a spin-off Facebook group of assistants that helped Higgins with research, fundraising, and anything else to make his load lighter. The group was named “The Bitch Pack.”

Before meeting Higgins, members of the group claim Waddell began showing an interest and mild jealousy towards a short-lived intimate relationship between Higgins and TATM journalist Chelsea Lyons. Messages sent on October 19, 2016, show Missy talking about the relationship between Higgins and Lyons.

In one message, Missy suspects that Higgins used The Bitch Pack to have “hookup stations.” 

October 22, 2016

Just days later, on October 22, Waddell set up a meeting with Higgins to discuss the future of The Bitch Pack and ActivateNOW. At approximately 10:13 pm, Waddell suggested that she and Ed should meet at the Home of Chicken and Waffles in Walnut Creek, California. In a text, Higgins suggests the East Bay Spice Company instead.

It was after their meeting at East Bay Spice Company that Waddell claims the rape occurred. In an interview with H.A. Goodman, Waddell claims she was caught off guard when she saw it was only him and not a group of people.

In a message to The Bitch Pack group, Waddell states that she “assumed it was going to be a meeting of all the folks and Chelsea etc,” implying a group meeting had never been discussed.

“We Gunna Get It In”

After entering the bar and restaurant, Waddell claims she began drinking bourbon, and Higgins continued drinking margaritas. Waddell sent messages to The Bitch Pack while with Higgins that resembled what a woman would send to her girlfriends on a date, not during a business meeting. At one point, Waddell states, “I’m drunk with Ed” and “We gunna get it in.” When asked if she got some “delegation going or just fornication or both” Waddell replied “both” the next morning, followed with “lmao jk.”

Waddell claims while inside the restaurant, Higgins put his hand on her leg and began making out with her, which she was okay with, despite her claims of meeting Higgins for a “work meeting.” Waddell then claims to have gotten so intoxicated that she was urinating in public, which she also states in a message to The Bitch Pack.

“Good Time”

After leaving the restaurant, Waddell says she and Higgins went for a walk. During that time, Waddell says she went to urinate behind a dumpster. The two would eventually end up at Waddell’s car, where she claims they got in the car and she stated she was too drunk to drive. While the two were in the car, they began making out again, but Waddell claims she was losing consciousness and going in and out of a blackout. Her full account can be heard in her interview with Goodman above.

Waddell claims that it was during this intimate encounter that Higgins grabbed her by the back of her head and forced her into his groin area. She claims she could feel his hand pushing down on the back of her head during the incident.

During her interview with Goodman, Waddell claims she texted Higgins after the incident to ask him if she had signed a credit card receipt. She claims the East Bay Spice Company charged her card for her and Higgins thirty dollar tab, and mistakenly charged her an additional sixty dollars.

During the text exchange, Waddell does not ask about signing a receipt. However, she does state “well fuck I coulda just took you back here then,” after Higgins informed her he is on the front porch locked out of the place he is staying at. Waddell also thanks Higgins for the “good time,” during this exchange.

finally home…thanks for the good time love, had a blast and it was so good to finally meet in person. I hope you made it inside. xoxo

Voice Messages

Along with the text exchange with Higgins, Waddell also sent voice messages to The Bitch Pack. In one of the messages, Waddell says she just dropped Ed off, and “we had a good time.” She goes on to say, “I had a couple drinks, he had a couple drinks, (interrupted by navigation) anyway, I am totally sober and driving home.”

In other messages, she says she talked to Higgins about some issues occurring between him and the group. She talks about Higgins being a “flower child,” and the need to work with him. In a short message, Waddell says, “Oh my God! I just found a hickey Ed gave me on the back of my neck. (Laughs) Ewwwww!” All these messages and more can be heard in the video below.

The Bitch Pack

Along with the voice messages in The Bitch Pack, Waddell also sent written messages. In one message, Waddell says, “we made out a little at the hight of my drunkeness… it was cute but that’s as far as it went. my legs werent shaved.”

In other messages, Waddell says, “I want more than a fuck boy… but i can say I sucked faced with the infamous Ed Higgins.” Waddell goes on to say once again they had a good time. In another message, Waddell refers to the woman who called to check on her from The Bitch Group a “cock blocker.” Remind you, all of these messages are after Waddell was allegedly sexually assaulted by Higgins, even though she is saying how great of a time they had and that they only made out along with other sexual references.

oh we had a blast it was fun and we had some good talks

Totally Done

It was not long after, Waddell and Higgins had a falling out. In a text message sent to Higgins, Waddell calls him a “fraud” and a “pansy.” She also claimed he was treating himself to “fancy dinners” with donation money and called him a “womanizing scum bag.” It should be noted, the one thing she did not accuse him of was rape.

Waddell also took a screenshot of the text message she sent to Higgins and shared it in The Bitch Pack. In the message with the screenshot, Waddell calls Higgins “crazy,” and states she was totally done with him.

Waddell also sent The Bitch Pack a voice message in which she reaffirmed being done with Higgins. Once again, despite clearly being angry with Higgins and displaying no filter, she still does not accuse Higgins of any form of sexual assault. The message can be heard in the video below.

Billy Taylor And Quinn Symonds

According to The Bitch Pack, Waddell began working with Billy Taylor and Quinn Symonds on a character assassination plot against Higgins. A member of The Bitch Pack claimed to TDH that the following message refers to a plan Waddell had made to take “take all of Ed’s followers.”

It was not long before Waddell and Taylor would get into a confrontation causing them to part ways. In a series of messages, Taylor says he feels like he was thrown under the bus. Waddell argues that Taylor was trying to discredit her and Gomez-Schempp.

Billy Taylor

Taylor recorded two videos to Facebook LIVE, both of which appear to have been deleted, in which he claimed that he believes Waddell is lying. He also states that he and Symonds helped Waddell try and smear Higgins for multiple reasons. As Taylor is talking, he is showing related messages on a second phone. The video is in two parts below.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Waddell has claimed that her phone was wiped in an attack against her following the alleged assault. However, a conversation between Symonds and a member of The Bitch Pack tells the backstory on how exactly Waddell’s phone got wiped.

As it turns out, Higgins did wipe Waddell’s phone, but not for the reasons she claims. in fact, Higgins did not even realze he wiped her phone. Symonds sent a screenshot of a Facebook status from Higgins. The post claimed that somehow Taylor and Symonds were leaking screenshots from Higgins and he finally figured out how.

Higgins went into his business account on Gmail and found a Samsung Edge 7 connected. In the post, Higgins states that he wiped the person’s phone attached to the business email as revenge for hacking his email. Symonds claims in messages that was Waddell’s phone, and that she admitted to him that she had Higgin’s passwords.

“I’m Legit”

Messages from Taylor to a member of The Bitch Pack confirms that Waddell did have access to Higgins’ business email and was using that access for malicious purposes.

The last message is a screenshot from Waddell that shows the dashboard of Higgins’ business account and a message from Waddell that reads, “this is pics from own Google drive… I just took them so you know I’m legit and what I have.”

A Disturbing Display

In a disturbing display following Waddell coming forward with her claims against Higgins, TDH received screenshots that show an interaction between her and a 54-year-old Veteran named Kathy who claimed to be a rape victim.

In the screenshots, Waddell says to the Veteran, “If you’re a vet why didn’t you fight back?” A few comments later, Waddell wrote, “If you couldn’t defend yourself against a rapist you can’t defend our country.” These are words one cannot imagine a rape victim saying to another possible victim.

Waddell claimed in a tweet to TDH that the screenshots did not show the whole story and the part is missing where Kathy is attacking her. Waddell went on to ask “proof and evidence you’re not in a rape gang.” 

From the half dozen screenshots we received of the interaction, Waddell appears to be the aggressor in the situation. Oddly enough, Waddell often speaks out on victim shaming, yet proceeds to shame someone claiming to be a Veteran and a victim of rape.

Senate Bill No. 967

Waddell and Gomez-Schempp are falling back on the loosely worded Senate Bill No. 967, better known as the “Yes Means Yes” bill. The bill was targeted towards college campuses in an attempt to lighten the burden of a victim trying to prove she said no. The bill made California the first state to have a clear definition of when people agree to have sex.

Lack of protest or resistance does not mean consent, nor does silence mean consent. Affirmative consent must be ongoing throughout a sexual activity and can be revoked at any time.

Sen. Kevin de Leon, D-Los Angeles, introduced the bill and stated, “Every student deserves a learning environment that is safe and healthy. The State of California will not allow schools to sweep rape cases under the rug. We’ve shifted the conversation regarding sexual assault to one of prevention, justice, and healing.”

In regards to someone being intoxicated, the bill states that anybody incapacitated by drugs or alcohol cannot give consent. In a tweet to TDH, Waddell seems to have pushed that law to the boundaries by claiming a woman cannot give consent even if she has only had one drink.

It is hard for the consent law to apply to the situation, seeing that both individuals admittedly were drinking. Waddell even claims she was making fun of Higgins for drinking margaritas as she drank bourbon, meaning Waddell was self-admittedly trying to encourage Higgins to drink heavier.


Waddell has also shared a bizarre outlook on rape by claiming that “[men] are all guilty of it at some point,” which is of course a viscous and unfounded opinion at best.


Gomez-Schempp has backed Waddell’s story for a little while at this point. TDH began a deeper investigation approximately three days ago in which the information in this article was received. The screenshots, audio, and video from this article Gomez-Schempp either neglected to find during her investigation or chose to ignore. All of this information is extremely important in this situation.

On one side we have a woman that never filed a police report, backed by a small radio station in North Dakota, who claims to have been taken advantage of while intoxicated. On this side, there is only one thing to go by, and that is Waddell’s word.

On the other side, that same woman showed an interest in her alleged attacker before the incident and told multiple people she had a good time on the night in question. More importantly, there is clear evidence that Waddell had a vendetta against Higgins in which she went as far to perform malicious cyber attacks against a business email and attempted to recruit others in a campaign to perform a character assassination.

There is also the word of others involved with Waddell that do not believe her accusations and her open use of throwing around the claim of rape while belittling a fellow victim in at least one occurrence on social media. These are the same people who were at one point trying to help Waddell with her campaign against Higgins.

There are multiple motives to question when taking a close look at Waddell’s story and all those involved. For Gomez-Schempp to not take any of this into consideration is irresponsible at best due to the severity of the alleged claims.

The media in this article is just a fraction of the evidence that TDH received from multiple sources. We felt this was enough to outline reasons for concern with the background of Waddell’s story. TDH asked Moorehead for a comment on the story, to which they did not reply. When asked if I could return on Gomez-Schempp’s show, or if we could provide an outlet to have a live debate, she tweeted that she does not “give time to rape apologist, racist, homophobic men.” Her reply came after she had been sending us nasty tweets on and off for a period of roughly seven hours.






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