Chris Ditta Says He Puts Bodily Fluids In Black People’s Food

A Facebook post claims Chris Ditta put bodily fluids in black people’s food

  • Louisiana man posts online that he alters black peoples food when he cooks it at restaurants

  • At the time of write this the original screenshot has over 400 shares

  • Ditta has since deleted his Facebook

On July 31, Rayot Graham uploaded two different screenshots of comments by Chris Ditta stating that he will cook with both body fluid and solid waste if he knows the food is going towards a black person.

“Chris Ditta apparently likes that poison black people at whatever restaurant he works at I wonder how his boss is going to fill when I email these screenshots to corporate !!,” was the caption in her post

Since then the post has picked up track and has been shared 455 times.

The people sharing it started out calling for his personal information, also known as a dox, so they can report him to his employer.

The screenshot of his comments have since been removed from the post, assumingly by Facebook due to the comments in the screenshot being against Facebook community standards.

We were able to save the comments though.

Ditta first wrote:

“I’m aware that the blacks don’t tip,I’ve worked in the restaurant business for some time in New Orleans,And thats why they always get a little something extra in their food, and best part is watching them eat it Keep your tip,it was worth”

Another person responded saying that they can only imagine what it was and would laugh at it.

“I have a wide variety of extras,depending on the dish,and the baboon,some that do frequent the restaurant without EVER tipping get my ultimate secret sauce witch is 50% body fluid and %05 solid waste cooked into seafood delight. the real joy for me is watching the primate eat it.Like My kitchen staff says KEEP YOUR TIP WE DON’T WANT IT,” Ditta responds

Ditta has since deleted or disabled his Facebook account.

The last known address for Ditta is in Harvey, Louisiana.

The internet started doing what it does best when it comes to racists and his address, email, and phone number have been shared.

Ditta is not the first person that has went around the internet for racist remarks this year.



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