WATCH: Children Rescued From School Bus Hit By Sayfullo Saipov In New York Terror Attack

WATCH: Video shows the moment it was discovered children were still inside the school bus hit by Sayfullo Saipov in Tuesday’s terror attack in New York City

  • YouTube user Seabass Chen uploaded a video showing the aftermath of Tuesday’s attack

  • Saipov rammed a rented truck into a school bus during the terrorist attack

  • Video shows rescue workers discovering the children and working to free them

YouTube user “Seabass Chen” uploaded a video showing the aftermath of Saipov’s attack. The description of the video reads as follows.

~3pmET Christian and I were crossing west side hwy at warren st with nanny when the home depot truck intentionally t-boned a special ed bus. Driver of the home depot truck got out with a gun and began heading south on west side hwy towards PS89 where we were and that elementary school’s pickup was. we happened to be in the middle of the street. Driver was wearing a biker jacket with a red stripe across chest and i could swear he was wearing a helmet as well…and he had a gun in his hand. Everyone evacuated PS89 up warren street to 450 north end and I went to the corner of north end and chambers (one block north) to head off gunman so he wouldn’t go around and get into the residential building holding all the kids. at that point i saw the gunman on chambers / west side hwy intersection with the gun and i alerted police at stuyvesant to go after him, heard 4 gun shots. I turned on my phone video so i could look around the corner safely and see if it was ok to go help the shocked driver and the kids stuck in the t-boned bus. i immediately saw several kids stuck in the bus, trying to avoid gunfire, nobody helping them and when i went to try to get them out through the main bus door, i saw the horror that was the caved in side of the school bus with children trapped inside. there was one girl under the wheel well and i would like to know if she made it out ok. currently snipers on our rooftop and bomb sniffing dogs around. my fam is safe. horrific day -sebastian

What Happened

At around 3:05 pm, Saipov drove the rental truck down the bike path along the West Side Highway in downtown Manhattan. Saipov began at Houston Ave and drove the truck down the bike path approximately 20 blocks, killing eight and sending at least eleven others to the hospital with serious non-life-threatening injuries.

Saipov’s truck came to a stop after colliding with a school bus near Stuyvesant High School, near Chambers Street. Police said Saipov got out of the truck with a paintball gun and pellet gun. According to police and multiple witnesses, Saipov shouted “Allahu Akbar” after he got out of the vehicle.

A police officer on the scene shot Saipov in the abdomen. Saipov has been taken to the hospital in police custody. Police began investigating the attack as a terror attack, but the FBI has taken over the investigation. While ISIS supporters have celebrated on social media, it has not been confirmed that ISIS is claiming credit for the attack.

Records show that Saipov rented the truck used in the attack from New Jersey earlier in the day on Tuesday.

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