Viral Images From Walmart Ask For Child Protective Services To Investigate Norene Smith

  • Alexis Lynn Cotten uploaded to images of two children in a Walmart wearing heavily soiled diapers
  • After the pictures went viral social media users identified the woman as Norene Smith
  • Two videos from Smith’s account show her and another woman screaming at a young crying child on New Year’s Eve

Two viral images from Walmart have social media users concerned over the well-being of at least two children. On Monday, Alexis Lynn Cotten uploaded the images to her Facebook page where they went viral.

In the description of the images, Cotten says she witnessed the woman in front of her was buying clothes while the two children she was with had diapers on that were so full they were leaking on the floor. Cotten says she told the woman they were leaking, but the woman dismissed her concerns. She also claims to have exchanged words with the woman before leaving the store.

Coming from someone who has tried for 5+ years to have a kid (still hasn’t happened) nothing pisses me off more than this!!! This lady was buying clothes and stuff for herself but yet those babies pull-ups was so full they were sagging and leaking all over the floor so bad that parts of the pull-ups was falling on the floor and I even told her they were leaking she said ya they are leaky then after paying for her stuff she went over to the side and got on to those kids yelling and telling them to stop leaking so of course then I had to say something cause first off if they were changed they wouldn’t be leaking and second off it’s 10:30 at night those kids need clean pull-ups clothes on! And of course because I said something about her scolding those babies I get called every name in the book then the 2 guys she had with her she wanted to point me out to them like she wanted them to do something about it!!! Some people just don’t deserve kid(s)!!! 😡😡
***For anyone else who has witnessed this POS neglect to these babies the reference number is 72047687 i dialed 1 (800) 252-5400 and spoke with Susan and her ext. is 5162 please if you have call that way this lady can get looked into and prosecuted!!!
*** CPS just informed me law enforcement took over the case!!

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After the images went viral, it did not take long for social media users to identify the woman in the pictures as Norene Smith. On Smith’s profile, social media users found two videos that raise more concerns over the childrens’ well-being. The two live videos are from New Year’s Eve two years ago.

In the first video, the camera is on Smith. A child can be heard crying in the background. A woman can be heard screaming at a child during the video. Smith begins wishing people Happy New Year’s as she ignores the chaos in the background, suggesting this behavior is the norm. Smith spends the majority of the video just staring at her phone screen.

In the second video, a baby can be heard screaming. A woman can still be heard screaming in the background. Smith screams for the baby to be given a bottle of milk so she can “put his ass to sleep.” She also flips the camera around to show the environment the children are believed to be living in. Smith shows another woman in a chair she calls “DC” and claims is drunk.



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