The CPS Agenda.

What is the agenda behind CPS?

  • The CPS Agenda is to maintain high numbers of children.

  • CPS, due to its funding, has lost its original purpose.

  • Title IV funding has damaged families, rather than help them.



The story is all too familiar. A family loses their child, blackmailed, and ultimately extorted for money. Although Child Protection Services is, to some degree needed, one cannot help but question their motives. The incentives seem to drive the CPS agenda.

Everything from adoption, fostering, and even taking a child comes with some form of bonus for the workers, adoptive families, and foster families; simply put, the Public Law 105-89, has played a critical role in the auctioning of families. In the end, nobody can lose this game, aside the biological families.

Adoption incentives are a great way to auction off America’s youth. Upon my research, I found that it was broken down into three categories. I have listed them below.

•    $4,000 for overall adoptions of foster youth
•     Foster youth identified as “special needs” is an additional $4,000
•    $8,000 for youths between nine and 18

$4,000 for the overall adoption of the fostered youth. In essence, what this means, is when your child is bought from this legalized traffic ring, the adopting family will automatically qualify for this incentive.

This incentive, however, is based upon a “per child” basis. What this means is if a prospective parent adopts two children, they do not get the $4,000. Instead, that payment becomes $8,000; in reality, it is a nice hefty paycheck for the people who “care” and “love” these children. However, the incentives get even better.

Prospective families can double their cash if the child has “special needs.” ADHD, Down syndrome, learning disabilities, and so forth, increases this fat check. So, now, if the prospective parents were getting $8,000 for the two children, they will, instead, get $24,000 if one is special needs.Three legal plaques.

Adoptions and Safe Families Act and Child Protection Services.

As you can tell, just from the simplistic example given, it benefits them to take your children. When it comes to the “Adoptions and Safe Families Act,” the CPS agency gets funding for all of the above mentioned; in essence, the more adoptions CPS gets, the more money they get.

The more foster parents CPS has, the more money they get; this game that they are playing is a bit like Monopoly. The only difference is, there is no true way for the families to win.

Because of Clinton, this act became an incentive for CPS. However, while you do not have to believe me, you could simply read it here. While this action alone is destructive, you must understand why it is so difficult, if not nearly impossible to change. Before this Act, there had been another law in place.

The Mondale Act.

The Mondale Act, which was placed in the 1970’s. In this act, an ill-treated child is defined as one whose parents were alcoholics, criminals, or conducted scandalous behavior. Now, if you have not noticed the issue, I am going to point it out on your behalf. Scandalous behavior. Because it was so vague, CPS was able to target anybody they deemed unfit.
For example, most children who are taken come from poor families. Now, this is not the only target, however. People of certain religions, race, or families who had parents of the same sex are optimal targets. And for what? A very vague definition.

Now, because this act is so eminence, it is impossible for me to cover all of it; I only wanted to touch some base with how the CPS monster would be born. I encourage you to read this act and see it for yourself.

Now, I stated earlier that Clinton had signed an act which gave CPS all the incentives it now has. With these incentives, they had also changed their agenda.

To the public eye, CPS are about protecting the children and improving families. However, this could not be any further from the truth. From the moment CPS takes any child, the primary goal is to adopt. If you doubt this, read “TITLE II—INCENTIVES FOR PROVIDING PERMANENT FAMILIES FOR CHILDREN Sec. 201. Adoption incentive payments” here.

The adoption incentive.

Now, what we have here, is a legalized auction dedicated to the selling of children. This act is what drives CPS to adopt your children out. For them, there is a bigger cash pay to adopt versing reunifying the families. To better convey the meaning, it is best stated as such: What these acts have created is a legalized child trafficking ring. It is not only supported by our Government; it is strongly endorsed and encouraged.

Although this is disturbing, it has not even begun to scratch the surface. I encourage you to research this, learn for yourself just how the system is out to get you. By knowing this information, you may stand a chance in the corrupted family court system; after all, you are guilty until proven innocent in their eyes.

You must understand that CPS is not out to help you. They are not out to improve your family. In fact, many people across this country suffer from mental trauma. This is purely due to the intervention of Child Protective Services. When reunified, they become so traumatized that even their shadows scare them. It is to say, the CPS agenda against families continues to move strongly.



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