Child Receives 2nd-Degree Burns From Oatmeal At Whitside CDC

A viral post on Facebook claims a young child received 2nd degree burns from oatmeal at Whitside CDC in Ft Riley, Kansas

  •  Guac Lamont Rogers posted 21 pictures to his Facebook on Saturday showing the severe burns

  • According to Rogers his son had to be taken to a burn ward for treatment for his burns

  • Rogers claims not long ago his child almost choked on a piece of tape at Whitside CDC

A father took to Facebook after his young child received 2nd-degree burns on both hands after being served oatmeal at Whitside Child Development Center in Ft Riley, Kansas.

Guac Lamont Rogers posted 21 pictures to his Facebook on Saturday. The picture showed his child’s hands blistered to the point that he needed to be taken to a burn ward to have the blisters cut open on his birthday.

The burns allegedly occurred after his child was served hot oatmeal at Whitside CDC. When Rogers first received the call from his wife that his child was burned by oatmeal he never imagined it could be as bad as it was.

Rogers claims this is not the first time he and his wife have had issues with Whitside CDC. He claims that his child was choking on a piece of tape from his pacifier used for labeling purposes. The child’s mother works at Whitside and luckily walked in while he was choking. According to Rogers, the child was found covered in vomit with tape in his throat.

So I’m sitting here thinking of my son on how he has been hurt at a facility that was supposed to keep him safe and I cant hold it in anymore.

This past Wednesday the 7th of November, breakfast was served to a group young children that are around the infant to pre-toddler age group. Due to poor planning and in my opinion, a lack of common sense, lack of not caring of the children to be served, as well as many other variables… my son was injured under the care of Whitside CDC, Fort Riley, Kansas.

I recieved a call from my son’s mother around 930am that our child had been severely burnt by oatmeal. In my mind I’m thinking it’s just regular old burn but no it isnt. Were talking skin bubbling type of burns, who in the hell prepares food that hot for a child?

Next, I immediately drop everything at work, mind you if I have to leave work all of a sudden even if it’s an emergency I get negative points which I have seen people fired due to things like this. Anyways, I meet my woman and child at Via Christi Emergency Room in Manhattan, Kansas. What do I see my childs hands red, bubbled on each of his fingers. The medical professionals there say these are classified as 2nd degree burns. I am livid of this.

There is not a damn reason that a person cannot prepare oatmeal for a child at an adequate temperature. That is a very preventable accident. I work as a welder as a profession, I work with metal that is well over 2200 degrees
..10+ hours a day and why is my son the one with 2nd degree burns?

My son got to spend his birthday In a carseat for 5+ hours in pain to travel to a burn unit instead of enjoying that time doing something else with his family. He got to have his fingers cut open to treat the burns.

This was 100% fucking preventable. The cook that made this meal, did not care. When confronted she did not own up to fault. This pisses me off. She dropped the ball, I know for a fact that she cut corners on preparing meals and such for the children that attend there.

I’m telling you right now for that cook that is mostly responsible for this, I’m coming for your job and everything you’re worth. Mind is made up… I wont stop unless I’m dead.

Mind you this is not the first incident, not long ago my son was choking on a piece of tape placed on his pacifier for labeling purposes. Caregiver didnt notice he was choking.. if his mother had not of walked in to feed him (who Also works there) our son may have died. He was covered in vomit with tape in his throat, we changed his room after that. Now this mess….

I should not be a work wondering if I’m going to get a call that my son is dead or not. I do not feel like this situation has been handled seriously at all and the fact the cook is still there pisses me off. More than one dropped the ball that day but that cook isnt taking ownership so I’m coming for that ass. This is my one and only son, its personal now.



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