Concerns After Cherokee High School Students Wear Confederate Flags As Capes

Students from Cherokee High School in Rogersville, Tennessee, have been seen on social media wearing Confederate Flags as capes at school

  • Images and a video was posted on social media on Wednesday

  • Students allegedly wore the flags in response to a female student wearing a gay flag

  • Tennessee was the last state to join the Confederacy

A post on Facebook that shows high school students wearing Confederate flags as capes is raising some concerns for people in the area.

On Wednesday, Lena Kendrick Dean posted two pictures to her Facebook account showing two images of students at Cherokee High School in Rogersville, Tennessee with Confederate flags wearing the flags. Dean’s post read as follows.

In case anyone is still not sure about the legitimacy behind the #TakeAKnee movement this past weekend in the NFL, here you have it, friends. This is Hawkins County, Tennessee, at my old high school, today.

Can we talk about disrespect for a fucking minute?? I’ve listened for dayyyys to people complaining about the “disrespect” shown to the US flag when those who are opposed to institutionalized racism take a knee during a song, but evidently this is a shining example of respect and dignity.

Does this scream “fuck you, black and gay people, and your protests about racial and social injustice, here’s a reminder of what nasty, trashy, hateful people do to counteract your statement,” or is it just me?

Shame on these kids and their parents, to teach and enact intimidation and hate.

We’re Getting Famous Guys

In the comment section of the post, there are screenshots from one of the students shared Dean’s status with the caption, “We’re getting famous guys,” also tagging several other students. Students are then seen responding and discussing the “queer flag.”


Snapchats screenshots have also been posted, along with a video from Snapchat showing students walking through the high school with their Confederate flag capes.

Director of Schools Steve Starnes told WATE-TV, “Our dress code doesn’t specifically address flags per se. It does address that any apparel or dress that causes a substantial disruption to the learning environment or educational process is not permitted. We addressed it, Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act keeps me from discussing specific disciplinary issues about students.”

There’s a standard about freedom of speech that we have to adhere to and that we try to do that, but we’re also wanting to make sure every student in our school feel safe

The idea of wearing the flags is said to be a response to a female student wearing a gay flag to school earlier in the week. Another image circulating on social media shows a Confederate flag stick figure kicking a rainbow flag stick figure in the stomach.


Tennessee was the last state to secede from the Union, but the state was very torn by the decision. Western Tennessee was strongly pro-Confederate, while the eastern was Unionist. Eventually, the state would decide to join the Confederacy and secede from the Union on June 8, 1861.

The 26 eastern counties of the state tried to secede from the state, but the Confederate army sent troops to prevent them from seceding. Eastern Tennessee still managed to send troops to the Union and disrupted Confederate interests from inside the state.



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