Video Shows Chelsea Stoner Having Her 4-Year-Old Hit A Vape Pen

Video shows Wichita mother Chelsea Stoner having her 4-year-old child hit her vape pen

  • In the ten second clip Stoner has the child hit the vape pen twice

  • The video was uploaded to multiple Facebook accounts Wednesday evening

  • Stoner later tried to defend her actions in a now deleted Facebook post

A video grabbing social media users attention shows a 4-year-old child being given a vape pen to hit by his mother Chelsea Stoner in Wichita, Kansas.

The video along with a picture of Stoner’s Facebook profile was shared from at least two different Facebook accounts on Wednesday evening. Jenny Davis and Victoria Howard both shared the ten-second video clip.

In the video, Stoner is laying in a bed while her 4-year-old stands in front of her with what appears to be a cell phone in hand. Stoner reaches over and puts a vape pen in the child’s mouth. He is seen taking a drag off it then blowing out a cloud of vape while laughing. Stoner then gives the child the vape pen to take once again before the video ends.

Shortly after the video was shared on social media, Stoner made a post trying to justify the video. Stoner claims the video was released by a girl she no longer wanted to hang out with anymore due to her “wasting away her life.” She goes on to claim the vape that was given to the child had “ABSOLUTELY ZERO NICOTINE IN IT!” The post was deleted shortly after it was made. Apparently Stoner does not fully grasp the serious issues people have with the video.

So I’m just going to say this now! The girl that posted that video of my son is currently angry with me because I didn’t want to hangout with her anymore because I felt as if she was wasting away her life and didn’t want that kind of person around me! That “vape” had ABSOLUTELY NO NICOTINE IN IT! Do I need to repeat myself for you? I’ve NEVER given my kids ANY kind of nicotine or alcohol etc! I’ve always taken VERY good care of my kids! So you can honestly think whatever you would like. My kids are in perfect health! I’ll be glad to show CPS.

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According to, it is not safe to vape around children due to the chemicals found in some of the juice. In regards to teens using a vape instead of smoking cigarettes under the argument that it is a safer choice, Brian King, deputy director for research translation in the CDC’s Office on Smoking and Health says, “Safer is not the same as safe.” At 4-years-old a child’s lungs are at an important developmental point which vaping with or without nicotine will not help.

Stoner was not the only one to defend the video on social media. The child’s uncle Chad Stoner also made a post riddled with grammatical errors defending his sister. Despite there being a video of his sister giving her 4-year-old a vape pen, Chad starts his post by saying, “Man fuck bullshit lies ppl saying about my sister.”

Man fuck bullshit lies ppl saying about my sister most not even true my niece and nephew r very healthy nothing wrong with them girls in Wichita need shut there mouths man they so much drama I see why lot them get dumped this why I’m glad I’m gay men so much better then chicks I just want to choke them out sometimes cuz they just to much with there damn drama then all ppl u use by friends with commenting talking shit about me and I’m just Dying cuz it’s funny cuz they must not have life’s if they like calling out my sister name and my name out there fucking dumb ass mouths.

A source that wished to remain anonymous told The Daily Haze that anonymous reports have been made to the Department of Children and Families with nothing coming from them. This source also claimed the children are in an overall neglectful environment and could possibly be exposed to other substances. TDH reached out to Stoner for comment but did not receive a reply.



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