Charlotte protesters block highway, loot semi trucks, and start fires.

Protests in Charlotte take a turn for the worse in Charlotte.

  • Protests for Keith Lamont Scott continue into the early morning hours of Wednesday.

  • At least one Highway was blocked off by protesters.

  • Protesters began looting from a stopped looting and started a fire.

Charlotte protesters block Highway, loot semi trucks, and start fires as heated protests continued into the early morning hours on Wednesday.

The protests follow the police shooting of Keith Lamont Scott, who was shot during a failed execution of an arrest warrant on another man Tuesday afternoon.

Protests began early in the evening and continued into the night. Multiple livestreams showed the volatile protests meeting police opposition.

Police cars were seen being damaged, and one protester was seen being charlotte-protesters-block-highway-loot-semi-trucks-and-start-fires-firedragged out of the street. Police were using both tear gas and flash grenades to try and subdue the angry crowd. As of now, it is not known how many arrests have been made.

At roughly 2:00 am, the protests took a nasty turn for the worse. The large group began blocking highways in the area. After having at least one highway thoroughly blocked off, the crowd’s actions turned malicious.

As semi trucks sat on the highway with nowhere to go, protesters began getting in them. Mainly, the stalled trucks semi-trailers.

charlotte-protesters-block-highway-loot-semi-trucks-and-start-fires-teargas-fireLivestream from Mills Shaka Zulu Gill showed protesters with a semi-trailer already open. A small group of protesters began looting the truck, and making a pile of debris in the middle of the Highway, then lit it on fire. Shortly after, police again began to release tear gas to clear the area.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officer Brentley Vinson is named as the officer responsible for shooting 43-year-old Scott. Vinson is now on paid administrative leave, which is common protocol. Scott is the sixth person to be shot by police in Charlotte this year.



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