Sgt Charles “Brad” Mick Fired For Crossing The Blue Line

New Holland police Sgt. Charles “Brad” Mick fired after charging the mayor and police chief for a forgery scheme

  • A witness claimed that Chief David Conrad forged former Chief Jason Lawless’ signature

  • Lawless was in Alabama the day he supposedly signed the document

  • Mick was fired on the spot after serving Conrad

  • Two of the best law firms in the state are suing the Village of New Holland for firing Mick

New Holland, Ohio police Sgt. Charles “Brad” Mick was fired from his job after serving Mayor Clair Betzko and interim Police Chief David Conrad court summonses for a forgery scheme.

Mick investigated his boss after it was brought to his attention that a document faxed to the Ohio Attorney General’s office by the Village of New Holland had been forged, according to the affidavit signed by a Pickaway County judge.

On July 18, 2018, it was brought to my attention that a paper FAXED to the Ohio Attorney General’s office by the Village of New Holland might be a forged document.

The document is known as an “SF 400” and labeled as a “Notice of Peace Officer Appointment”. The form was demoting former Police Chief Jason Lawless to a patrolman according to the attorney general. Mick was informed by the witness that Conrad had forged Lawless’ signature.

The form was dated for July 16, 2018, as being signed by Jason Lawless, however, Jason Lawless was believed to be in the state of Alabama on that date and not present in the State of Ohio.

Upon inspection of the form, and comparing Lawless’ signature to a dozen other documents Mick said it was clear the signature was forged. Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine’s office said they were aware of the document and concerns were raised on Wednesday. On Thursday the document was turned over to local law enforcement for investigation.

A warrant signed by a Pickaway County judge was executed on Saturday night. The warrant covered the entire building that holds the police chief’s office, the mayor’s office, and the fiscal officer’s office. The original forged document was specifically being sought out. According to the Fayette Advocate, a search warrant receipt states that several pieces of paper, including the original document, were seized.

Conrad is charged with fifth-degree felony forgery and Betzko is charged with complicity to forgery and obstruction of official business. Mick served Betzko with a court summons just before a meeting was set to start. It was reported that Betzko refused to accept the summons and threw the papers back at Mick.

After serving Betzko, Mick went to Conrad’s office to serve him as well. After serving Conrad, Mick was fired on the spot. A Facebook LIVE video from the Scioto Post shows Mick enter a room and announce he had just been fired. At that point, people can be heard calling for Betzko’s resignation.

Two of the best law firms in the state are suing the Village of New Holland for firing Mick. The motion was filed last week in the Pickaway County Court of Common Pleas. Attorneys Chase Mallory and Jeremy Heck have requested an oral hearing to appeal Mick’s termination.

A Go Fund Me campaign was started for Mick to help with legal fees. A resident of New Holland started the campaign which has raised over $2,000 of the $5,000 goal.

I am a local citizen who lives in New Holland and have seen Sergeant Mick police. He is truly a great police officer. I decided to launch this campaign to help him.

Sergeant Brad Mick of the New Holland Police Department was fired after he uncovered corruption. He took his oath of office seriously, saw wrongdoing, and contacted a local Judge. The mayor, police chief, and former police chief were breaking the law and committing crimes.

Mick filed for a search warrant and when the Judge granted it, Sergeant Mick executed it on his own police department with the help of the Ohio Highway Patrol.

After gathering evidence that supported the probable cause, he filed charges on the mayor, police chief, and former police chief related to forgery, obstruction of justice, dereliction of duty, and even telephone harassment.

Just seconds after serving the mayor and police chief with charges, Sergeant Mick was fired. He is now without a police job and his income will take a hit, as a result.

Please help us help him with attorney fees, living expenses, and other related matters.



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