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In 2012 Kansas SRS Secretary Phyllis Gilmore blatantly lied about the number of substantiated findings in a letter to CJ Online

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Secretary of DCF claimed almost 13,000 substantiated findings in a letter to CJ Online in 2012 DCF records show that there were 1,916 substantiated findings in that time period Records also show that there were 30,722 unsubstantiated findings in the same time period Unsubstantiated findings do not prevent an order to remove a child from…

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Where can I sign the petition against the Kansas DCF, Brownback and others?

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Petition filed accuses the Kansas DCF of abusing their power to receive funding. The petition was filed yesterday in Sedgwick County court. Family advocate Jennifer Winn filed the petition and now has 60 days to turn in 4,000 signatures. The petition is calling for a grand jury investigation. Editorial Note: This article will be updated…

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Jamie and Floyd Williams face 1-year of reintegration for their children.

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Jamie and Floyd Williams will have to do a 1-year reintegration plan to get custody of their children back. The Williams had all nine of their children removed over 2-years ago. A letter from a social worker claims trauma came from removing the children, not in the household. After completing the reintegration plan, the Williams…

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Family of the Echo Park boy found dead in a closet was reported to DCFS.

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The family of the Echo Park boy found dead in a closet was reported to DCFS six times prior to the boys death. When police arrived at the home on Monday, they said the boy appeared to have been dead for hours. Two teachers reported the 11-year-old boy to DCFS in 2012 for general neglect…

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Arizona corrections officer accused of molesting children

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A father sexually abused his children and still received custody. Children make claims of sexual abuse against their father. Police report states father is a correctional officer The claims lead to police involvement with no repercussions. Regardless, the father has gained custody of the children. Jane Doe: Victim I A young child, Jane Doe, 4,…

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14-year-old Alabama rape victim’s mother granted “temporary custody.”

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Judge Corey Moore places 14-year-old rape victim in mother’s temporary custody. Both the 14-year-old and her baby were placed in the temporary custody of the biological mother. The 14-year-old twin brother still remains in the state’s custody. Questions remain of why the children were not returned to the grandparents. In a bizarre turn of events,…

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Alabama DHR says grandparents can no longer see children due to media attention!

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Alabama DHR strips grandparents visits claiming it is due to media. Judge Moore has ruled today that the grandparents of the 14-year-old rape victim can no longer see the children due to media attention. DHR has claimed their own paperwork to be doctored. DHR sued media outlets that we’re reporting on the wrongful removal of…

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Watch: Alabama DHR removes newborn from a teenage rape victim.

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Alabama DHR wrongfully removed a 2-day-old infant from the 14-year-old mother. Alabama DHR encouraged the young mother to have an abortion during the early stages of pregnancy. The mother was a victim of rape. The father of the child, Samuel Woods III, was charged with statutory rape after the birth of the baby. Three other…

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Press Release: Schwab family calling for protest at the nation’s capital.

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For Immediate Release: Parents, advocates and special interest groups join the Schwabs in front of the American Psychological Association in DC at August 4 2016 to protest corrupt Child Protection Practices nationwide. Washington DC, August 1, 2016- Parents will rally together in the Capitol Thursday protest of corrupt child protection practices nationwide. Raymond and Amenia…

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