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As Winter Storm Stella moves in Sentinels continue to guard the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

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Sentinels continue to guard the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier during Winter Storm Stella The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is guarded by the 3d U.S. Infantry Regiment The tomb is guarded 365 days a year since July 1, 1937 The Unknown Soldier was selected by US Army Sgt. Edward F. Younger in 1921 As many across the…

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New Ferguson footage challenges police narrative of the Mike Brown shooting

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Footage from the Stranger Fruits documentary challenges police narrative of the Mike Brown shooting in Ferguson, Missouri Jason Pollock discovered the videos while putting together a documentary titled Stranger Fruits Stranger Fruits had it’s debut at South by Southwest St Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch claimed the footage is heavily edited McCulloch has been suspected of…

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More questions about donations following the end of Sacred Stone Camp

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People are beginning to wonder what happened to all the money donated to Sacred Stone Camp A Go Fund Me in LaDonna Allard’s name for Sacred Stone that raised $3.1 miilion According to the State of North Dakota Allard registered Sacred Stone Camp as a corporation An overwhelming amount of support made it impossible to…

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Police Are Now Targeting Veterans, Just for Heading to Standing Rock

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Two groups of veterans were pulled over without explanation on the way to Standing Rock Two were arrested and charged for the medical cannabis they use for PTSD VeteransRespond’s executive director believes this is blatant targeting Vets had all their winter gear confiscated Police have now filed charges against two veterans on their way to…

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That Time xHamster Brought Water to Flint and Nobody Noticed

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Adult website xHamster came to Flint to hand out water to lead crisis victims. It was the dying wish of late xHamster publicist Mike Kulich that the people of Flint, Michigan, receive 10,000 bottles of healthy water to supplant the lead-tainted filth available from the tap. As water protectors in Standing Rock, North Dakota, seem now…

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To DAPL Facts: Fuck You and Your Foreign-Owned Bullshit Pipeline

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To the profit-motivated, self-interested Dakota Access Pipeline-affiliated disinformation website, DAPL Facts: Manipulating an article from The Daily Haze to reflect a narrative fitting to your own agenda cannot be allowed to pass unanswered. On February 4, we published an interview-based piece in which Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Chairman Dave Archambault II made apparent his loyalties…

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Did Mother Nature protest the Trump Inauguration before it happened?

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trump inauguration

For a large group of Americans this weekend, nothing was more riveting than The Inauguration of Donald J. Trump and all the pageantry that surrounded it. The Daily Haze was in Washington D.C. for the week and can testify that the event was indeed (as Donald would say), “YUGE!”. However, while Washington D.C. prepared for…

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Kansas DCF institutionalizes 5-year-old because he wanted to go home

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A caseworker for the Kansas DCF claimed a 5-year-old in state custody was acting violent and kept saying he wanted to go home The child’s mother, Amanda Hunt, received a text message from the caseworker The Kansas DCF had recently taken away Hunt’s home visits after falsely identifying burns Yesterday, Hunt received a letter from…

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Kansas DCF wrongfully claims burns on child’s hands then takes away widowed mothers visits

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The Kansas DCF wrongfully diagnosed a fairly common reaction to streptococcal infection treatment with 2nd-Degree burns The children’s mother was shocked when the Kansas DCF cancelled home visits due to the claim of burns A letter from a doctor stated that the boy did not suffer burns Amanda Hunt is now a widowed mother who has…

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The Children of Alabama, Preface

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PREFACE When the currency wars began in earnest, our children were still quite young.  Tyler, our oldest by 20 or 21 seasons, had not yet even grown his first whisker.  I know he will have some memories of the waves of decimation that inundated the world, but the other two won’t.  Even Tyler will only…

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