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Kevin Winterman Arrested For Propositioning Children For Sex Online

32-year-old Kevin Winterman was arrested in Ohio after propositioning children for sex online Winterman was communicating with an undercover officer posing as a 12-year-old girl In 2014 Winterman was arrested for a similar crime in Kentucky A day before his arrest TDH did a story on Winterman contacting a woman’s 12-year-old daughter On Wednesday, The Daily Haze released an article ...

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Internal Documents From Facebook Expose User Data Mining

The British Parliament released almost 250 internal documents from Facebook on Wednesday regarding data mining users Emails show Facebook employees trying to access Android users call logs without prompting a permissions request Multiple companies were “whitelisted” for user data from Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg gave permission to no longer allow Twitter access friend data after they created Vine Facebook claims ...

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QAnon Claims Trump Trolled The George Herbert Walker Bush Funeral

QAnon followers claim “Trump and Company” made a statement at the George Herbert Walker Bush funeral Followers of  the online conspiracy group believe FOX News purposely used an angle of the funeral to show the flag upside down and the letter Q QAnon is an online conspiracy group known for giving out vague and incorrect clues about government corruption It ...

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Remember That Time Laura Loomer Handcuffed Herself To Twitter HQ

Laura Loomer handcuffed herself to Twitter’s New York headquarters for about two hours on Thursday Loomer was wearing a Star of David to represent what Europeans Jews were forced to wear during the Holocaust Twitter refused to press charges and police told Loomer she could stay as long as she wanted Loomer eventually had police cut her free after claiming ...

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How David Wu Got Sex Worker Premium Snapchats Reported To The IRS

David Wu has the social media users claiming they are reporting Snapchat premium “sex-workers” to the IRS Wu made a Facebook post that has been shared over 17,000 times telling people how to report sex workers to the IRS Social media users are taking sides to either defend sex workers or report them The hashtag #ThotAudit has been created and ...

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