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Did Thomas McCreary kill beloved ‘Pedals’ the Bear?

Those angry about the death of Pedals have been relentlessly attacking Thomas McCreary. At this time it is not confirmed that Pedals has been killed, or who the hunter is responsible. Due to injured and missing front paws, the bipedal bear preferred to walk on his hind legs, earning him the name Pedals. Pedals became a viral sensation in 2014. ...

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Greenville teacher Linda Winters-Johnson caught on camera dragging special ed student by her hair.

As of this time, Linda Winters-Johnson is not in police custody. The school along with local authorities have stated at this time an investigation is going on. The two videos uploaded to Facebook show a special education girl being dragged by her hair in the Greenville gym. Many are saying Winters-Johnson should be fired and have charges pressed against her. ...

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Bad Self Eater burned the Internet with anti-abortion video.

BadSelfEater.com revealed today that weeks of speculation were for nothing. Conspiracy theories spread throughout the web trying to figure out the meaning of BadSelfEater. Strange dollar bills were found around the country building up to today’s video release. T. Russell Hunter was the artist behind the strange bills. For the last few weeks, mysterious dollar bills in conjunction with a ...

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Insanely Offensive 9/11 TV Ad Goes Viral & Store Forced To Close

“This has to be the most monumental, “WHAT THE [email protected]#% WERE YOU THINKING” moment, in the history of television advertising” Said everyone who has seen it! Store Manager, Cherise Bonanno and 2 employees came up with the insanely offensive ad Miracle Mattress Facebook Page get attacked Store closes indefinitely after receiving death threats. “Effective immediately, our Miracle Mattress store will ...

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Rumors that Colin Kaepernick found dead in his home spread on the Web.

Channel 7 News reports Colin Kaepernick found dead in his home with drugs and guns. Rumors claim that a coroner was seeing leaving Kaepernick’s house. Kaepernick gained nationwide attention after refusing to stand during the National Anthem. Kaepernick is the latest to fall victim to the “Celebrity Death Hoax” trend. The Internet is great place for information, sometimes. Other times, ...

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