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Danielle Ann the Dr Phil “Cash me outside” girl suicide hoax

13-year-old Danielle Ann has found herself as the newest Internet meme after her appearance on Dr. Phil The young girl’s phrase “Cash me outside” has gone viral The satire site NBC-News.net posted a viral article claiming the girl committed suicide The viral satire story comes not even a month after 12-year-old Katelyn Nichole Davis committed suicide on a livestream Just ...

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Did Morton County Sheriff’s Department remove their Facebook page amidst claims of human rights violations

The Morton County Sheriff’s Department’s Facebook page appears to have been deleted  There is no confirmation that Anonymous has anything to do with the missing page Rumor has spread that Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier was suspended and that is why the account was deleted The Morton County Sheriff’s Department was heavily ridiculed on their Facebook page before its deletion The Morton ...

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Baltimore teacher tells students they “are going to be a bunch of broke ass niggers who get shot”

The Baltimore teacher has been fired following her racially charged tirade A student recorded the incident on his cellphone The student’s mother Erica Esha Deminds uploaded the viral video to her Facebook Baltimore City Schools stated that the teacher was fired A teacher in Baltimore has been fired after she yelled a racially charged statement at her disruptive class of African-American students. ...

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Where is the long-lost suicide video of Christine Chubbuck

Christine Chubbuck was a 29-year-old broadcaster working for a news station in Sarasota, Florida when she committed suicide on air in 1974 Rumors of the video of Chubbuck’s suicide being released online have appeared on the Web for years Two films were made in 2016 about Chubbuck Chubbuck’s brother says claims Christine had longstanding mental issues There is one video ...

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